My Design DNA

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 23 2017 / 18:50 PM

The Creative and Managing Director at Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, Neel Shukla talks art, interior design and his essential designer pieces

My Design DNA
Neel Shukla

I draw inspiration from good design with qualities of both function and aesthetics, I’m inspired by the world’s architectural marvels which draw their design from nature. I love nature. I am also a forward thinking person who is driven by art and design whilst seeking inspiration from nature and technology. I embrace technology as it plays an important role in my life. 

The pivotal turning point in my career has been the Burj Al Arab. I was fortunate to be involved with the Burj Al Arab from the ground up and having the privilege to furnish it with decorative lighting was revolutionary for my career. My design icons are two artists whom I admire and seek inspiration from – Frank Lloyd Wright and Salvador Dali. Frank Lloyd Wright was far ahead of his time and his organic architecture was a marriage of humanity and environment. Dali had an amazing imagination, therefore he was able to create his surreal world.

What I enjoy most about my role as a Creative and Managing Director is that I am constantly on the road and I am exposed to so many cultures, arts and environments. I return from my trips with my creative thoughts and try to mingle these ideas and observations with my team. With these creative collaborations we are sometimes able to create an amazing melody of end results. Collaborating with my team is what I enjoy the most and seeing our wild ideas come to life and seeing the financial gains from these ideas is paramount.

My top interior design tips would be to focus on great ambient lighting which can transform a space giving the right atmosphere, mood and transition. Invest in a dimmer to control any room’s ambiance. Dimmers can be used to instantly control the room’s lighting to the required ambiance to flow with the mood and create drama. I would define my personal style as always evolving. I love to dress chic every day, to me style is not about wearing very expensive designer outfits but well-tailored clothes which fit the body effectively. I don’t like to expose labels and try to purchase items which are subtle in branding. I also find designer and tailored jackets an important part of my wardrobe.

My personal taste has evolved over the years, but I have been consistently wearing Armani, Gucci and Lanvin. I always keep the tones complementary. I never dress loud but I always have something edgy under the jacket. My personal feeling about dressing well also goes along with physically being well. My style comes from within a good form and core. Being lean and trim and then all fits beautifully.  

Neel’s Designer Pieces
1. Terre d’Hermès perfume. It blends very well with my body chemistry and it’s my signature scent.
2. Jimmy Choo Sloane shoes. It defines my style and I always make a statement by having them on.
3. I like subtle branding and for that my Prada briefcase works great for work and travel.
4. I have a diverse watch collection but on my wrist I mostly end up with the Rolex Submariner blue
5. Currently I am driving the red Ferrari 458 Super Italia. I have purchased several exotic cars over the years but this 458 is a keeper.