Review: A Day At Hotel Brighton In Paris

BY Sarah Hassan / May 13 2018 / 15:02 PM

Sarah Hassan discovers the charming boutique hotel tucked along the Rue du Rivoli

Review: A Day At Hotel Brighton In Paris
Gilles Trillard
A view of Hotel Brighton's sophisticated interior décor

There’s no other city that conjures up the desire for a ‘room with a view’ quite like Paris. From the glittering Eiffel Tower, the gently rolling Seine, the majestic Louvre, and expansive gardens, the city’s trademark façades have captured the imagination of romantic travellers for centuries. Of course, with such a metropolitan treasure trove to chose from, Paris has never had a shortage of smartly designed, historically significant, or down-right luxurious hotels to choose from, some of which have become institutions in themselves and synonymous with the glamour of the City of Light.

Hotel Brighton

Breathtaking view from Hotel Brighton in Paris

Enter the Hotel Brighton, a gem tucked along the picturesque Rue du Rivoli directly facing the fenced-in wonder of the Jardin des Tuileries, the Louvre never far from sight. A four-star boutique hotel without the pretension, the Brighton - part of the Esprit de France group - offers the comfort of a classic Parisian appartement with the elegant leanings of her more famous hotels. The address in the fashionable 1st arrondissment is envious enough; steps away from some of the most notable museums and shops in the capital - and not to mention the delicious chocolat chaud of Angelia, a Parisian institution since 1903. The Brighton offers all the ease of location without the hustle and bustle one might expect on such a busy street in the heart of the typically touristy district.

The hotel is, to say the least, beautifully outfitted without being fussy. From the moment you enter from the clamour of Rivoli, the staff at the front desk is delighted to see you, radiating a charming warmth you expect only to see in the movies. The lobby, with its violet variegated marble columns and modern furniture designed by India Mahdavi, provide as much of a view to passersby as the large-scale windows do to guests engaging in conversation in a cosy corner looking out at the street.

Hotel Brighton Paris

An interior view of the lounge area

The design details throughout the hotel are delightful and quintessentially French; well-preserved oil paintings and marble busts along the walls, crystal chandeliers, elegantly commissioned china for fine dining, and individually decorated rooms ranging from simple to sumptuous, the Brighton speaks to the quiet aesthetics of travelers who wish to experience an old-fashioned - if not classic - version of Paris without the flash and pomp of some of the city’s more cutting edge dwellings.

Yet, one thing most any traveller could agree on, is the breathtaking view the Brighton offers from its street-facing rooms on the upper levels of the hotel. My accommodations during my stay, one of the hotel’s ‘Deluxe’ rooms, allowed me to experience a beautiful 180 degree panorama of Paris from my double-doored balcony. To the right, the Eiffel Tower, still majestic even enveloped in fog, to my left, the Louvre and all her throngs of visitors dotting the gardens, and straight ahead the façade of the Musée D’Orsay, the glimmering clock face like an ever-watchful eye through my window.

Hotel Brighton Paris

A view of the plush furnishings in the deluxe room 

The antique furnishings were elegant examples of French classics, a mirrored vanity complete with stationary and snacks, an Empire-style desk beside the balcony, a wardrobe, sumptuously upholstered bedding, and a bathroom outfitted with SOTHYS personal care products complete with a sunken bathtub. Rarely does one get to feel right at home in a room that appears like a dream, with a view to match. The hotel dreams up visions from Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Daniel Armstrong popular April in Paris song – offering an old-world charm in an ever-evolving city. Here, even as time marches on, some things like elegance, simplicity, hospitality, and a room with a view remain constant.

Hotel Brighton Paris

Interior view of the deluxe room

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