Scented Papers On The Nascent

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Mar 22 2017 / 13:14 PM

Diptyque x Antoinette Poisson’s latest collection takes inspiration from 18th century wallpaper designs for the romantic Rosa Mundi

Scented Papers On The Nascent

Parisian luxury perfumer Diptyque has collaborated with French domino paper makers and restorers Antoinette Poisson for its poetic limited edition Rosa Mundi collection. The range centres on textured laid domino papers, woodblock-printed and hand-painted in Antoinette Poissons’ Parisian workshop, alongside greeting cards, candles and personal and home perfumes, all featuring the 18th century inspired design.

Antoinette Poisson was formed five years ago by three friends, Julie Stordiau, Jean-Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly, who share a passion for antique papers, and is fittingly named after Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, mistress of King Louis XV and, more importantly, a wallpaper enthusiast. As a story, it’s reminiscent of Diptyque, also formed by one woman and two men, Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant, in 1961.

For the Diptyque collection, Antoinette Poisson created two floral and geometric motifs, mixing pale and dark pink, distinct to the Rosa Mundi rose, with dusty green and white for an ethereal, feminine feel. The woodblock print design was hand-painted using stencils on pure chiffon, laid rag paper, a precise process. The scented papers can be used to line drawers but why hide them away, better framed as a work of art or used to paper an entire wall.

Domino papers were a distinctive feature of households in the 1700s, used as decorative sheets. Featuring ornate motifs created with engraved plates and coloured with stencils, dominos were used in corridors and alcoves, even to line coffers, furniture and boxes and to bind paperback books. The process of applying scent to such papers is believed to have been brought into the mainstream in the late 19th century when Frenchman Auguste Ponsot discovered while travelling in Armenia that burning benzoin, a sweet vanilla-scented tree extract, was a common practice to deodorise houses. He then collaborated with pharmacist Henri River, infusing benzoin and other aromatics onto paper to create Papier d’Arménie, invented 132 years ago and still available today.

Nature morte produits Antoinette Poisson

Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi collection also extends to a perfumed disc for hanging in a wardrobe, scented candles and dual-purpose perfume. The candle fuses two rose fragrances: Damascena, popularly known as the Damask rose, and Centifolia, the May rose. Featuring the same motifs, it blends notes of currant, bergamot, lychee and geranium for a floral scent that is refreshing and fruity. The L’Eau Dominotée perfume is suitable for both skin and fabric. A classic, feminine scent, it blends florals with a woody spice and the musty, earthy aroma of patchouli, which has a unique ability to act as a fixative for fabrics, making the fragrance last longer. It can also be used as a fabric softener for laundry. 

Limited Edition Rosa Mundi 190g candle

Reviving a trend for portable waxed balm scents popular in the 1920s, the Eau Rose solid perfume is now part of Diptyque’s permanent collection. 

The signature blend of Damascena and Centifolia is given a fresh twist with the musky ambroxan and fruity and floral notes of lychee, honey and cedar. Perfect for the handbag. 

Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi collection is priced between between Dhs175 and Dhs510. Available at all Diptyque boutiques, Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols in Dubai.