How To Create A Home Fit For An Interior Designer

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Oct 25 2018 / 19:16 PM

Take a cue from Dubai-based interior designer Pallavi Dean whose home is a lesson in timeless design made futuristic with LG SIGNATURE products

How To Create A Home Fit For An Interior Designer
Aasiya Jagadeesh
Pallavi Dean, founder and creative director of Roar, sits next to the LG SIGNATURE air purifier in her home in Dubai

LG makes plain why design matters as it continues to join forces with interior designers and architects in countries where its luxury premium brand LG SIGNATURE has found home. In the UAE, the brand has teamed up with Dubai-based interior designer Pallavi Dean, who’s a perfect fit given her unique aesthetic vocabulary that marries science and design. 

Electronics meet electrifying design in Pallavi’s home that’s equipped with the LG SIGNATURE air purifier, washing machine, refrigerator and OLED TV. These pieces are akin to works of art, thoughtfully integrated into the design of the space for interiors that are at once functional and finessed. “LG SIGNATURE caters to a unique audience – one that has a passion and flair for art and design but won’t compromise on functionality,” Pallavi tells Bazaar Interiors.


LG SIGNATURE washing machine in Pallavi's Dubai home

The LG SIGNATURE products have a fuss-free minimalist approach and create a multisensorial experience just like Pallavi’s own designs. These products reflect the generational change in thinking, which stresses upon building a culture that continuously brings forth superior design. “The LG SIGNATURE products are minimal in their aesthetic but intuitive with their functionality,” she shares.


Pallavi stands beside the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

Comfort is a priority for Pallavi, who is a tastemaker both at home and at work. The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator delights with the easy access of its Auto-Open Door and energy-efficient InstaView Door-in-Door™ function, which allows you to look inside the compartments without opening it. The textured steel finish and mirrored glass panel are elegant touches to its sleek design.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is a sculptural piece offering vibrant colours and a sound-recreating experience with its OLED display, while the Dolby Atmos® feature ensures a cinematic experience at home. Its ultra-thin wallpaper design boasts a picture-on-wall aesthetic, allowing the product to blend into the space. “I think good design is invisible and doesn’t compete with the context, while being intuitive and easy to live with,” Pallavi states.


Pallavi in her living room with the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV in the background

For the UAE’s hot climate, the brand’s air purifier works seamlessly as it infuses moisture into the air, and its smart-drying feature helps prevent bacteria. With its enamel-coated exterior, the washing machine would make a great addition to any space. It can wash two loads at once and makes minimal noise, ideal for Pallavi who is a mother of two and for whom time is of the essence. With her sophisticated approach to design, Pallavi has, much like LG SIGNATURE products, mastered the art of essence for a house that you’d love to call home.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Pallavi Dean in the Winter issue of Harper’s Bazaar Interiors.

Photography by Aasiya Jagadeesh