Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Jun 22 2017 / 19:53 PM

The specialist property developer, credited with transforming some of London’s most iconic addresses in luxury residences, creates timeless assets targeted as strong investment opportunities for GCC investors

Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks
Master Bedroom at Almacantar Centre Point
Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks
Bedroom at Almacantar Centre Point
Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks
Proposed Scheme of Almacantar Two Southbank Place
Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks
Laura Lewis
Almacantar Property Director Kathrin Hersel
Almacantar Transforms London’s Iconic Landmarks
Study at Almacantar Centre Point

Responsible for renovating some of Central London’s principle landscapes into beautiful luxury homes, offices and retail spaces, Almacantar’s objectives are to uplift the city’s surroundings for generations to come. This comes as a new wave of Middle Eastern buyers are investing in London’s real estate sector, following a favourable shift in currency rates. According to Fidelity International Real Estate Research, Middle Eastern investors accounted for 24 per cent of all overseas commercial real estate investment in Q4 2016 – a figure that is likely to stay strong as the dollar-sterling exchange rate continues to offer savings on prime properties post-Brexit.

Almacantar thrives on its selection of ambitious projects to develop into landmark buildings offering long-term value. Since its founding in 2010, the team has acquired over 1.5 million square feet of prime assets in the heart of London, including Centre Point, Marble Arch Place, CAA House, One and Two Southbank Place and 125 Shaftesbury Avenue. From stunning parks and cityscape views to access to bustling areas of art, culture and entertainment, these properties provide residents with the best the city has to offer.

Proposed Scheme of Almacantar at 125 Shaftesbury Avenue

“Everything we do at Almacantar is centred on design – not only from an aesthetics perspective, but also because good design enhances everyone’s lives, making it easier and more enjoyable,” says Property Director Kathrin Hersel. “This includes everything from the layout of the apartment and its facilities to the interior design. It is also an important factor when investing for the long-term.” As Hersel explains, Almacantar works with talented architects and designers in order to approach each property in an intellectual way. Extensive research is done on each property in order to learn about the history of its development in as much detail as possible, what it was previously used for as well as any particular elements that make it unique. The team then uses this to inform their design. “Our Marble Arch Place development, for example, is testament to this,” says Hersel. “It is adjacent to Hyde Park and in its previous life it had a cinema operating there for more than 100 years so we ensured that we include a cinema into the future design and also considered how we bring the park into the building by using complementary colour palates.” Moreover, Almacantar sources the highest quality materials for its design. Everything lies in the details. “In fact, there is nothing too small for us not to double-check,” adds Hersel.

Proposed Scheme of Almacantar Centre Point

“London has long been a favourite property investment market for Middle Eastern buyers, and now even more so with the favourable exchange rates and increased interest from Sovereign Wealth Funds in prime real estate,” said Mike Hussey, CEO Almacantar. “By taking on complex development sites in the best locations and putting design at the centre of everything we do, we are creating a collection of timeless property assets that compelling investment opportunities. Our properties are incomparable in terms of design, quality and location. We are driven by our love of London and strive to create world-class assets for a world-class city.”

This summer sees Almacantar complete its first development: Centre Point. Situated on London’s famous Oxford Street, this is an ambitious redevelopment of the iconic Grade II listed building. Its pioneering architecture makes a powerful statement of London’s contemporary vision. The property will introduce 82 stunning residential apartments, featuring design influenced by the pattern and rhythm of the tower’s façade. “Middle Eastern buyers account for approximately 20 per cent of investment in Centre Point so far – not only are they attracted to it for the favourable investment return that London offers, but also because many recognise the value of design,” adds Hersel. “In the world of long-term value creation, good design will be a key measure in a building’s performance, and Almacantar’s projects deliver that.”

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