Fall Trend Alert: Mid-Century Meets Contemporary With Essential Home

BY Pooja Bhatia / Jul 27 2017 / 14:12 PM

With the jewel-toned trend continuing into the Autumn season, Essential Home brings rich fabrics and alluring details with its Fall collection

Fall Trend Alert: Mid-Century Meets Contemporary With Essential Home
The Edith Sideboard pictured below the Diamond Mirror
Fall Trend Alert: Mid-Century Meets Contemporary With Essential Home
The Monocles Sideboard pictured below the Wilde Mirror

Eye-catching jewel tones have made their way into interior design as Essential Home mixes the retro glamour of the past with the colours that are right on trend this fall. Glamourous flair with golden brass details exuding an old-school vibe is found on chairs, stools, sideboards, and cabinets, and on smaller additions such as mirrors and lamps.

One of the collection’s signature pieces is the Ellen Armchair that plays with the contrasting geometry of a curvilinear back and a rectangular front. The striking dark green upholstery echoes a vintage vibe with its luxurious velvet material, while the versatile brass detailing of the base not only matches the collection’s accessory pieces but also allows the armchair to be paired with items both contemporary and vintage. The seating range also includes the equally striking Florence stool and Collins chair.

Accessory pieces in the collection pack a small but mighty punch with their alluring brass details combining contemporary, clean lines with an old-fashioned charm that will leave you eager to showcase them in every room. The delicate details of the Diamond mirror coupled with its asymmetrical look and brass finish create a piece that is the epitome of industrial glamor, while the funky Miranda Pineapple lamp is not afraid to make a statement in any living space. The most glamourous, however, would have to be the Monocles cabinet with its James Bond vibe that isn’t afraid to steal the spotlight with a look that walks the perfect line between classic and contemporary.

For those who love to play with styles that are both modern yet glamourous, Essential Homes provides the perfect pieces with which to decorate your home this fall. With its thoughtful design and Mid-Century flair, this collection is sure to elevate your living space’s glamour quota by a few points. For more information, please visit essentialhome.eu