Beyoncé's Mum Reveals More Details About Rumi & Sir Carter

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Oct 31 2017 / 13:51 PM

Including how Blue Ivy is doing as a big sister...

Beyoncé's Mum Reveals More Details About Rumi & Sir Carter

Aside from that now iconic birth announcement on Instagram that nearly broke the internet, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have kept relatively quiet about their twins since they arrived in June. 

Luckily, the singer's mum Tina Lawson seems to be having a harder time keeping the details of her grandchildren, Rumi and Sir Carter, to herself and revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight how the new additions to the family are doing. 

Admitting that they have "very different personalities," Tina was quick to gush about the five-month-old babies. "They are doing great, they're absolutely beautiful and so much fun," she told host Kevin Frazier, admitting the twins were "so cute I can hardly take it." 

As for new big sis Blue Ivy, Tina's husband Richard admitted she definitely has a showbiz streak. "She's the diva, but she's sharing her diva-dom," he commented, but was quick to note that she is adjusting well to her expanding family: "Just seeing her grow up, it's bringing some maturity. She's only five but you can see the transition in terms of her being a little more calm." 

Sounds like she's a mini Bey in-the-making...