Drivers Must Put Children In Car Seats Or Face Fine

BY Maysa Rawi / Apr 2 2017 / 17:54 PM

Dubai Police are cracking down on child safety laws

Drivers Must Put Children In Car Seats Or Face Fine

Children seen jumping around in the back of a moving vehicle is an all too familiar - and often uncomfortable - sight here in the UAE

But Dubai Police are now cracking down on the concerning issue, warning parents they will face fines if they do not ensure their little ones are wearing seatbelts.

Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Dubai Police’s Traffic Department told Gulf News: "Parents put their children at risk when they let them sit in the back without a car seat. Child seats can reduce the impact of a traffic accident but when the child is left [unrestrained], any minor accident can injure the child."

The restriction applies to children under 145cm and those under the age of ten, are banned from sitting in the front seat. Drivers will face a penalty of Dhs400 and four black points on their licence for failing to adhere to the new law. Parents will also face a Dhs500 fine for smoking with children in the car.

Four children under the age of 10 died in traffic accidents last year and 75 were injured, according to UAE reports.

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