Up Close And Personal With Mamas & Papas

BY Maddison Glendinning / Apr 20 2017 / 19:44 PM

Mamas & Papas has just launched its new Personal Shopping service to help expectant mothers with everything they need in the lead-up to welcoming their newest family member. With two babies on the way, Team Bazaar Junior put the experience to the test.

Rula Tayara

American/Lebanese, 30

Rula tests out a Moses basket

"This is my first pregnancy," Rula Tayara, Bazaar's creative solutions manager, explains. "We found out in November when I took my home pregnancy test. My husband wouldn't let me look at it so he saw it first!" Due on July 24, Rula and her husband Saad are expecting a little girl - "I'm already buying tons of dresses!" - which the pair were thrilled about. "At first I didn't mind a girl or boy but when the doctor called me with the news of the gender, I burst into happy tears. Saad has always wanted a girl so he is over the moon." Having just passed the halfway point in the pregnancy, Rula says the second trimester "is pretty smooth sailing" compared to her first, and she is now well and truly immersed in planning for her little girl's arrival. "My nursery theme is mostly greys with touches of pink and a lot of clouds. We wanted to choose something neutral in case we have a boy in the future, so we can swap out the pinks for blues." As a first-time mum, Rula says the personal shopping experience was really useful. "Everyone has a 'list' of what to buy but it really makes a difference seeing the objects in person and what to buy but it really makes a difference seeing the objects in person and learning about them from an expert in a non-pushy way," she says, adding, "I think as a first-time mum, I learned about things that I didn't know I needed by choosing "The Full Works" package. For example, learning that a baby has to face backwards in a carseat as a newborn was new information so it was really great to see this necessity reflected in the product." Plus, it's a one-stop shop she says. "They have everything you need from clothes to furniture to strollers. It's really convenient having a store and personal shopper you can trust to provide everything on your checklist with expert help to guide you along the way." As for what's on her wish list after her visit? "I loved seeing the beautiful Moses basket designs in store. I think it's such a must-have item, seeing as a newborn is too tiny for a crib." With her to-do list sorted, Rula says she's excited for what lies ahead. "I'm most looking forward to growing my family, I've always wanted to be a mum and I can't wait to embark on this adventure with my husband."

Maysa Rawi

British/Iraqi, 34

Maysa meets with Hassan, the personal shopper, in the dedicated Mamas & Papas Personal Shopping area

With two boys at home already – Ziad, 4, and Faris, 1 – Bazaar Junior’s contributing editor Maysa says she and her husband Karim were both surprised and excited when they found out they were having a third child. “I had just come back from a summer holiday with a three-month old and found out that I was pregnant. I wasn’t expecting it at all but was very happy about it.” The pair found out when Maysa was eight weeks along and their brood is set to expand imminently. “I found out with my boys that I’m having a girl! And this is the final time,” she says of her gender reveal with a laugh.

Her advice to first-time mums is “to have no expectations and no preconceived notions, and just to take one day at a time.” And although this is her third pregnancy, Maysa says she received helpful advice from the personal shoppers at Mamas & Papas. “What is unique about the brand is the level of knowledge from the employees. I chose the “Baby Out and About” package and they know about everything from stroller you should get, to the best car seat and so on – the service is super convenient. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being able to buy cute clothes and nursery décor while you’re in store too! You can get everything you need under one roof and that combination of style and practicality is not something you get anywhere else.”

And speaking of strollers, Maysa says she was reminded during her personal shopping experience about considering the function of the item as well as its aesthetics. “You have to do a lot carrying of the pram in and out of the car so you need to choose a piece that folds easily and is quite lightweight and it helped having the personal shopper guide me with my choice.” Having shopped in the store during her previous pregnancies, Maysa says her go-to items are the “Mamas & Papas Baby Bud which is a great chair for little babies to sit in when they start sitting up. It’s a great feeding chair and it comes with lots of toys and activities.” Maysa is refreshingly honest when it comes to the struggles she’s faced with this pregnancy. “I have pretty much been pregnant for two years so I’m a little bit over it now!” However she’s thrilled about meeting their newest addition any day now. “I’m so excited to be having a girl, and to have my family be complete.”

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