Mother to Mastermind: Tania Siddiqi’s New Nursery Concept

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Apr 11 2016 / 16:14 PM

You know you’ve picked the right nursery when it boasts Van Gogh-inspired interiors, bespoke furniture and a curriculum that promises to turn your tot into a protégé

Mother to Mastermind: Tania Siddiqi’s New Nursery Concept
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Welcome to Masterminds Nursery, where children aged 18 months to six years learn everything from the violin to three languages.

Offering the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum with a curated series of ‘enrichment programmes’, Dubai-based Masterminds Nursey has introduced a new style of teaching children in the UAE. The concept? “To develop intellectual, physical and social excellence within each child through enrichment programmes,” explains Tania Siddiqi, co-founder and director at Masterminds Education. “As parents, we all want to give our children the best opportunities to be all that they can be in life. Most importantly, we want them to be aware of who they are and grow up to live a full and happy life.”

The idea for Masterminds Nursery came about following a trip to the US with her daughter, where Siddiqi spent time researching and visiting institutions specialising in childhood education. To her surprise, she stumbled upon one place that would go on to shape her future. “Three, four and five year olds could read, do maths, talk about the great artists of the world, speak three languages, play the violin, and do gymnastics,” says Siddiqi. “I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was a nursery that did these enrichment programmes with my child and also engaged me in her development?’ This is the fundamental philosophy behind Masterminds Nursery.”

The curriculum looks something like this: English, French, Arabic (and optional Russian), violin, gymnastics, swimming as well as aforementioned enrichment programmes. Then there’s the décor. Every aspect of the campus has been custom designed: think bespoke furniture, subtle nuances of colour and innovative outdoor spaces. Everything has been designed with the child’s development in mind.

By bringing together the best methods and learning environments alongside the best educators, Siddiqi hopes to ignite “that innate love for learning all young children have”. She tells Bazaar, “We consider ourselves guardians of this precious flame and it is our responsibility not only to keep it burning brightly, but to keep it replenished for the decades ahead." – Tracey Scott