How To Throw The Perfect Garden Party

BY Iman El Kafrwai / Dec 21 2016 / 19:25 PM

When the weather's this wonderful, why not?

 How To Throw The Perfect Garden Party
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The House Of Bazaar

It's winter and for those of us in the UAE, that means it’s time for the great migration outdoors. That being said, it’s also the best time to a host a fabulous garden party, with all of your most stylish friends and family. Bazaar shares our tips to take the stress out of planning a party to be proud of. Trust us we know a thing or two from the House Of Bazaar

Firstly, it’s all about the guest list. This is the prime time to think not only about who you want to catch up with, but also networking. Depending on space, garden parties can be great for quick catch ups with lots of people or intimate affairs. Ensure you guests will mingle with ease to avoid clusters of groups.

Invites are key to setting the initial tone of the party. Whether you opt for printed card or a Facebook invite, ensure you give your guests enough time to pen the date in their diary. Also ensure to outline the important information, dress code, theme and directions, after all you will be busy on the day and can’t be attached to your phone answering questions.  

Décor is next on the list. It’s amazing what the right furniture can do for a space. Look to a company like Innovative Hiring, UAE who can fulfil all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for chic wire framed chairs, huge vintage inspired carpets or even an ice cream bicycle cart once you’ve chosen your theme the opportunities are endless. See below, how we styled The House of Bazaar Garden using Innovative Hiring's furniture.

Flowers and candles are a must in our books when it comes to adding the finishing touches. Opt for a trusted florist to ensure your blooms arrive fresh, with exactly the right look you requested. If you’re hosting at night, a simple option for an extra special ambience is to also string some fairy lights around the foliage and house.

Finally catering. With so many incredible companies in the region offering first class services, there’s no reason to wear yourself out in the kitchen before the party even starts.