The Marriage Story Memes Deserve Just As Many Awards As The Movie

BY Harper's BAZAAR U.S. / Dec 18 2019 / 10:08 AM

Use this tweet format the next time you want to punch a wall

The Marriage Story Memes Deserve Just As Many Awards As The Movie

Even if you haven't watched Marriage Story yet, if you've been on social media anytime over the past two weeks, you've probably watched that scene. It's the one where Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, who portray spouses-turned-exes Nicole and Charlie in the Noah Baumbach–helmed film, have a screaming match that involves a rage-infused Charlie punching a hole in the wall of his living room, and ends with Nicole consoling her former husband as he falls to his knees and sobs, regretting that he wished she were dead.

The roller coaster of an exchange has made its rounds online following the film's release, garnering both praise and criticism from viewers—including those who haven't even watched the whole movie yet. Some say the scene, like the movie itself (which has already earned six Golden Globe nominations) is a real, heart-wrenching portrayal of divorce.

Some argue that the film isn't as impressive as critics deem. And others, well, they're just here for the memes.

Scroll on to see how people expressed their frustrations on mundane topics through the lens of Marriage Story.

And, because the Internet knows no limits, people have also started meme-ing Johansson's dancing in the film.

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