If You Need Us This Weekend, We'll Be Here

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Sep 30 2019 / 12:25 PM

Name a better Friday. We'll wait...

If You Need Us This Weekend, We'll Be Here

One of BAZAAR's favourite beach clubs Nikki Beach is celebrating 20 years of dining, dancing and life and do you know what the best bit is? You're invited!

On Friday 4 October, Nikki Beach turns 20 years old and to mark the occasion, the beach club is throwing a huge event to celebrate. Globally known for its lively and vibrant events - from the White Party’ to ‘Under the Sea’, the luxury destination has been the ‘it’ place for all your favourite influencers and celebrities.

The energetic and animated themes that Nikki Beach hosts as a brand is in aid of their number one purpose; to “Celebrate Life”.

The brands mission was conceptualised back in 1998 as a quiet garden by the sea located in Miami Beach. The name Café Nikki was to honour the life of Nicole Penrod, Jack Penrod’s daughter who tragically passed away in a car accident when she was only 18. Jack and his wife Lucia Penrod planted a beautiful Zen-like flowers and butterfly garden that housed a small café to pay tribute to Nicole’s life. The garden became popular through guests’ word of mouth, hence the brand’s, “Tell Only Your Best Friends” mantra.

The Hollywood elite finally found their way to Café Nikki falling in love with its energy and atmosphere. With the success of Café Nikki, the family expanded to the beach area, enter Nikki Beach.

We’ll see you on the sand celebrating life