#ChicEats | Carine, Dubai

BY Connie Chamberlayne / Jul 17 2019 / 21:54 PM

The former Chef of La Petite Maison brings the South of France to New Dubai

#ChicEats | Carine, Dubai

Izu Ani, previously of La Petite Mason and La Serre fame, is something of a local legend. Named in honour of his wife, Carine is Izu’s latest consultancy venture (following on from the new age Lighthouse where he is a partner and another consultancy at Izu Brasserie).

Tucked away among the undulating greens of Emirates Golf Club where Le Classique held the fort for 29 years, Carine has a dedicated entrance through which Izu’s trademark Mediterranean accents - such as giant lemons and tomatoes spilling out of sleek white bowls, mosaic-clad tables and modern furnishings with a rustic twist - are immediately present.


Elegant simplicity is the theme of the menu which offers up a selection of Izu’s signature and new French-Mediterranean creations. The culinary journey commences with light freshly-baked bread topped with warm apricot jam. Then, it’s on to a mouth-watering parade of burrata with mixed peppers, lentil salad, watermelon with feta, almonds, basil and a truffle tart (which unexpectedly comes in the form of a sort of tomatoless pizza but was possibly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted).


Beyond the lone vegetarian options of gnocchi, a sumptuous array of roasted, baked and grilled meats and fish, from seabream and salt baked seabass to veal strip and a ribeye steak so utterly delicious I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since my experience. Meanwhile, side dishes range from classic green salad, broccolini and ratatouille, to perfectly cooked French fries and Gratin Dauphinois.


The dessert menu is almost too good to be true. Wonderfully nutty banana brioche covered in oozing sweet date sauce, a freshly baked-to-perfection brownie topped with a crumbling biscuit, toasted marshmallow and cream are the big hitters not to be missed (we recommend ordering one of each per person). But the impossibly creamy crème Brulee is the true winner.


Put simply, this is possibly the best food I have ever had the pleasure of devouring in Dubai. Book your table now. I promise you won't regret it.

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