#ChicEats: Dalloyau Dubai

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / May 18 2017 / 18:55 PM

Deliciously rich French fare with a famously sweet finish

#ChicEats: Dalloyau Dubai

Dalloyau is quite rightly at the top of the food chain when it comes to French gastronomic eats. Having launched its first restaurant in 1682, the brand has an impressive roster of culinary achievements to its name including opening the first 'Maison de Gastronomie' in Paris in 1802 and creating The Opera Cake, a famous French pastry made with almond and coffee accents.

Dalloyau breakfast

Classic Eggs Benedict

Whilst the brand is championed for its delicious desserts like handcrafted pastries, lighter-than-air macaroons and indulgent eclairs, it has brought a full spectrum of French flavours to Dubai with a mouth-watering menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. Visiting its Mall of the Emirates branch, Bazaar soaked up the 'ooh la la' atmosphere as we dined on buttery-soft chicken and pasta decorated with morel mushrooms and a rich, sweet onion-filled burger that featured complex seasonings, and of course, a side of the Frenchest of french fries. 

Chicken with morels at Dalloyau

Roasted Chicken Breast

Generations of chefs for over 300 years have been crafting the menus at Dalloyau and it shows in its pared-back, elegant offerings that offer minimal fuss with maximum taste. Executed to perfection, simple dishes like omelettes, sandwiches and steak are elevated with a little French je ne sais quoi that boasts a deep understanding of flavour profiles and cooking techniques.   

Veal Ragout Linguine at Dalloyau

Veal Ragout Linguine

With dining options both inside the Instagram-friendly restaurant itself and in a separate open-space area in the center of the mall, you can choose to pair your meal with a spot of people-watching or simply dine indoors and savour the experience in a contemporary, Parisian-inspired setting. Bon Appétit!

For more information and bookings visit www.dollayau.com