#ChicEats: The Tap House

BY Alexandra Venison / Apr 3 2017 / 22:04 PM

All of your foodie cravings covered

#ChicEats: The Tap House

There’s no doubt that Club Vista Mare has been a game changer for residents of the palm and beyond. Featuring seven new restaurants ranging from Peruvian to Italian and Ethiopian the strip is becoming the new hot spot of Dubai for foodies hunting out delicious meals without the bravado. Not that we don’t love dressing up in our finest and sitting poised at a white linen covered table, but there’s a lot to be said about kicking off our Manolos and dining al fresco with a burger in hand.

This is where The Tap House comes into play. Creating a space that can cater for every occasion from high tables to comfy booths inside the dark wooden clad restaurant, to the stunning terrace outside where you can lounge back staring over the sea and the best part your pampered pooches are welcome too  - a very rare and welcome addition to the region.

Classic Fish & Chips

As for the food you can expect to find all of your home comforts. There is quite literally an option for every diner – from the classics like fish and chips to a melt in your mouth steaks and curries to healthier options like seared sea bass and a selection of salads that won’t leave you missing out (too much).

For starters, there’s a whole host of sharing platters for those who can’t decide between the various entrees or some light bites to wet your appetite. The burrata with heirloom tomatoes was particularly delicious with a crisp fennel salad and pesto dressing for that extra kick, whilst the beef carpaccio could have been served at any fine dining restaurants around town.  

We would be surprised if you haven’t seen one of The Tap House burgers make an appearance on your Instagram feed. From the leaning Heisenbruger which features crispy fried chicken and a stack of onion rings on top of the fluffy bun, to the classic burger which you can order as a mushroom and swiss you won’t be left disappointed as the flavour packs as much of a punch as the portion size.

The Heisenbruger

Other main courses include a whole host of pub grub favourites from Belgian Moules Frites to steak and kidney pie and pasta dishes to curries. Although there are plenty of options it has to be noted that The Tap House creates each dish with as much flavour and finesse as the next. Even the sides stand on their own with fluffy mash, perfectly grilled asparagus and luxuriously creamed spinach all vying for attention.   

The desserts are not to be missed, even at the expense of a truffle chip or two. British classics reign supreme and can transport you back to the days of your childhood. Belgian waffles with Nutella and salted caramel ice cream waft through the restaurant as more and more orders pile in, whilst the ‘Cheeton Mess Meringue’ garners stares on envy from the tables around you as soon as it is laid down.  

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