#ChicEats: OKKU

BY Paysley Ross / Oct 27 2016 / 14:54 PM

Team Bazaar tried and tested the cool downtown eatery

#ChicEats: OKKU
The Volcano Avocado

It's a Thursday evening when we visit the much-hyped OKKU, which is nestled on the first floor of the five-star H Hotel in Dubai, and from the second we enter the restaurant, it's clear that it will live up to its name. 

OKKU is the ultimate dining destination where Japanese cuisine and art fuse, making for an unforgettable culinary experience. The stylish bar area, complete with a mesmerising tank of jellyfish, sets the relaxed atmosphere and behind a dramatic wall of lights the chic decor and moody lighting continues into the dining room, with the added twist of a resident DJ to complete the scene.

The Bazaar team's culinary experience started with small plates with a refreshing lobster salad followed by a mouthwatering beef taco, leaving the entire table wanting more. But the crowd-pleaser came in the form of a flaming avocado. The ‘Volcano Avocado’ literally arrives at your table on fire, and it's hands-down one of the best dishes we've tasted in the city with its expert mix of delicate flavours. 

The Wagyu steak brought another unique experience, being cooked tableside on a hot Himalayan salt stone. But when it came to the front runner, the table was split between the miso black cod and Chilean seabass, both delicate and delightful. 

Though we were sure we had no more space left, we were more than happy we decided to try the desserts, each of which was equally as beautiful in their presentation as the dishes that preceded them. 

Whether you're new to Dubai and looking to try one of the city's top restaurants, or you're simply looking for an excellent night out with a keep-you-coming-back menu and impeccable service, OKKU is the ultimate go-to.