London To New York In Three Hours Has Just Become A Reality

BY Alexandra Venison / Dec 13 2016 / 13:54 PM

You'll soon be able to hop from one fashion capital to the next in no time

London To New York In Three Hours Has Just Become A Reality

If you've ever wished you could simply pop over to NYC from London (or vice versa) without the mid-haul flight time, then news of a brand new supersonic jet that is set to cut that travel time in half (and then some) will be music to your jetlagged ears. 

Richard Branson and his spaceflight company Virgin Galactic are behind the launch, collaborating with pilot and technology entrepreneur Blake Scholl of Boom Technology, New York magazine reports. The new supersonic jet will reportedly be able to transport passengers three times quicker from London to New York than standard jets. 

The jet is still currently in its prototype stage with the official launch currently set for 2023, with test flights starting as soon as late 2017. With up to 50 seats on board, the trip will take a total time of 3 hours and 24 minutes, just long enough to eat, watch a movie and freshen up before landing.

A return ticket will set you back around Dhs25,000, but if it means less time in the air, and more time on the ground shopping, then we'll see you at check-in.