My List| 24 Hours With Kendall Jenner

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Nov 12 2017 / 17:23 PM

The supermodel and beauty entrepreneur tells us about her dream day

My List| 24 Hours With Kendall Jenner
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My List| 24 Hours With Kendall Jenner
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If I had a day off, I’d go away for the weekend. I’m everywhere lately, and I don’t often get two days off, but it’s not impossible. Not somewhere too far, but if I was in LA I’d probably run off to Palm Springs and get an Airbnb, something quiet and private with a nice pool. I like to swim and lay out, and I’m a weirdo, so I’d just go get groceries for the house and hang around with my homies. I’d bring anyone that I love. Anyone that’s down for the journey. Not just one because I think that would get boring, but a couple of good people. If it gets to be too many it becomes a lot and not fun anymore. I like to be with my friends or my family. Kylie and I don’t live very close, though, in LA, so it’s kind of a hassle getting to each other.

Palm Springs

10:00 A.M.
If I’m not jet-lagged, I’m usually up by, like, 10. I would make food and watch some TV and chill out in my pyjamas for a while, which is usually just some kind of kiddie clothes. I just got these Disney princess clothes from Topshop that are super-cute – they have little princesses on them. My favourite princess is either Jasmine or Sleeping Beauty. I would probably make eggs and pancakes, maybe waffles, and watch some stupid show like Lost or whatever. It’s my guilty pleasure.

12:00 P.M.
Then I’d probably get into a bathing suit and chill out by the pool. I have tons of bikinis, but if I’m going away for a weekend I’d probably just pack three. I’m really proud of and into Kylie’s and my new bathing suits that we came out with [e-tailer] Revolve. I think they’re really cute, and I’m really happy with them. My hair would be pulled back with some oil. I like Jen Atkin’s Ouai; she has good hair oil. I’d probably have very little make-up on. On a day off, I like to not have that much going on – I like to just let my skin breathe. Estée Lauder has this good bronzer. It’s very sheer, and it has this sparkle in it. It’s called Bronze Goddess, and it’s really nice. So if anything, I’d use that and maybe some waterproof mascara and Estée Lauder suncream. On my perfect day, I’d do nothing – absolutely nothing – on social media. I’d rather not be focused on things like that. I’d rather just chill out. It’s not even a thought in my mind. I wouldn’t post on Instagram, but I’d probably go on every once in a while. I have a film camera that I take with me almost everywhere. I usually take a lot of memory photos on it. I think they look so much nicer and more authentic. I would listen to music and drink water or a margarita. I’d have to feel the vibe, but it would probably be some chill stuff. My friend Tyler, the Creator, recently dropped an album, and I really like it, so I’d probably just play that on repeat. Lana Del Rey’s album came out this summer, and I’d probably be playing that as well.

Kendall Jenner

2:30 P.M.
I would do a later lunch. Probably something like chips and guac, or a quesadilla, or a grilled cheese. Then I’d probably chill out some more and probably take a walk or go on a bike ride. If I’m going to work out on my day off, it’s going to be something more fun, like going on a bike ride or going on a hike or something. I love riding bikes when I’m in Palm Springs. When I don’t have much to do, I kind of fly by the seat of my pants. I wouldn’t say there’s a set plan, I would just do whatever comes my way. In LA, I like to race around the city with my friends. We have super-fun cars, so we like to race around. I probably shouldn’t say how fast we drive, but, yeah, we have a good time.

Estee Lauder Double Wear

8:00 P.M.
I’d probably take a nap because I get really tired, and then I’d get up and have a nice little dinner. I definitely wouldn’t go out. When I have friends over, we like to order in. We do Thai food, we do Chinese food, sometimes sushi. I love albacore tuna and a blue crab roll. I also love any kind of pasta as long as it doesn’t have anything like salmon or squid or something gross in it. It’s usually a struggle because sometimes there are a lot of us, so to get everyone to agree on one place is a challenge. It’s pretty much majority rules. No one really makes a call because I would never force anyone into something.

10:00 P.M.
I’m a grandma, so if I have my way I’d probably be in bed by, like, 10. When I really want to relax, I’ll take a bath, but mostly I shower with Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Salt Scrub. I wash my face and brush my teeth, and that’s about it. My dermatologist has some really nice products that I’ve been using. I’ll watch a movie or something on Netflix. I’m a really bad binge-watcher. I have ADD and I’m impatient, so the last thing I binge-watched was Stranger Things when it was new, so that shows you how long ago. I love my sleep. I get six or seven hours during the week, but I like to sleep as much as possible.

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