Nour Arida

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 27 2017 / 22:15 PM

27, American/Lebanese

Nour Arida

“Regarding my style, my first Fashion Week opened my eyes even more to how important it is to remain true to one’s fashion identity. It is a blogger’s biggest asset,” Nour Arida, who runs the blog N For Nour, tells Bazaar of her approach to style.

The best advice she ever received follows the same ethos. “I was in a meeting with a fashion house and the head of division told me: ‘Remain exactly who you are. Do not succumb to anything. You’re one of the extremely few bloggers whose vibe is conveyed through their pictures and is exactly the same in person.’ And I genuinely still think about this sentence every single time I have a decision to make regarding my work.”

It’s this identifying factor that Beirut-based Nour wishes more of her peers possessed. “I’d like to make the fashion scene in the Middle East more real, customised and personal. It’s regrettable how people in this industry prefer to recreate other people’s styles, while ignoring their own. I have seen it a lot in our region, especially in the blogging scene, and it just looks and feels wrong.  This region deserves more appreciation from the international fashion scene, and I think the way to get it is by becoming trendsetters with true fashion identities.”

Whilst she likes to invest in jackets and coats there’s one item of clothing that Nour has a special attachment to. “I have a weakness for denim, I collect denim pants. I love seeing how the cuts, fabrics and washes develop throughout the years and then get revamped and the trends reused. It’s a cycle. I never throw away jeans.”

Despite being a fashion blogger and documenting her outfits daily, Nour says she’s not obsessed with shopping. “I shop frequently but not obsessively at all. This is what I always like to highlight to my followers, the young girls especially, that you don’t have to be obsessive about shopping and brands in order to create your style and be recognised for it. It shouldn’t become a sickness. It shouldn’t fill in any psychological gaps like making a woman feel better about herself. Brands are there to highlight a woman’s style only, not to create it.”

Nour Arida wears Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress at Earrings, Céline. Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Samah Elmeri. Words: Maddison Glendinning. Hair & make-up: Blowout & Go