A Very Modern Role Model: Carla DiBello On Beauty, Workout And Wellness Rituals

BY Carla DiBello / May 18 2017 / 16:53 PM

Entrepreneur and celebrity style insider Carla DiBello shares the beauty, workout and wellness rituals that keep her looking and feeling at the top of her game

A Very Modern Role Model: Carla DiBello On Beauty, Workout And Wellness Rituals
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Carla wears: Dress, Dhs2,000, Julea Domani by Zeena Zaki. Hair and Make-up: Blow Out & Go.

With all the beauty products out there in the market, it can be tough to determine what works. The saying, ‘It takes a village’ has full merit when it comes to my approach to beauty. Whenever I’m on the hunt for something new, I always start by asking my closest friends for recommendations. Plus, with so many friends in the beauty industry, I can’t help but constantly pick their brains about what their favourite products are. And because I find that beauty is best discovered through word of mouth, I thought I’d share some of my favourite products and beauty tips with you. 

MAKE-UP  My skin leans towards the oily side so I always opt for oil-free foundations. And since foundations can be extremely different from one another, I like to use different ones for different occasions. Currently, my favourite for day is the Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer in #4. It’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF35, so it’s light but provides good coverage, and I love that it has sun protection worked right into it. It’s the first thing I put on my face before anything else. For evening, I love Dior’s Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation in 020 because it gives a little extra coverage and the application is incredibly smooth. After my foundation, I apply Laura Mercier’s translucent loose powder with a beauty blender to set everything and prevent shine. Other favourite products include the Diorshow Art Pen liquid liner, Tom Ford’s Gold Dust Bronzer, and Brow Wiz by Anastasia. For lips, I always start with a good liner. My two current favourites are Huda Beauty liner in Bombshell or Trendsetter, as well as the Kylie Koko K Lip Kit. 

SKIN I’ve always made skincare a priority – and at this point, I’m something of a face mask aficionado. My ultimate favourite at the moment is the Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask – this is a total life saver, especially if you fly as much as I do. I love using this when I’m travelling for work to help keep my skin moisturised. If I need a quick pick-me-up, I also love the Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-minute mask. It’s fast and efficient, and is absolutely incredible for instant radiance. I also love Dior’s Lip Sugar Scrub – it moisturises and exfoliates – and it also looks quite pretty on its own. I always remove my make-up with Bioderma’s Sensibio h20, followed by Dior’s Hydra Life Foam Facial Cleanser and Mario Badescu’s Rosewater spray to hydrate. For my night routine, I can’t get enough of Shani Darden, especially her Retinol Reform cream. It prevents any breakouts and also helps to tighten and smooth my skin. I would highly recommend Shani Darden to anyone, she really is the best for my skin and there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

THE POWER OF A RITUAL  While we usually think of beauty as just skincare and make-up, the thing that I have noticed has really made a huge beauty difference are my workouts.  While I’ve always been active, in the last six months, I’ve really focused on turning my training into a ritual. I make it a regular habit to go to ‘Train’ gym four to five times a week with Nicolas, my personal trainer. He’s really helped me turn working out into a lifestyle.

When I work out, my skin looks better, my mood is better, and I’m even able to concentrate more. The trick is to not think about going to the gym to lose weight, but rather to think about working out as a part of your life that helps you to feel good and to clear your mind. In a way, it’s a form of meditation. 

Another ritual I swear by is a vitamin drip IV. I try to do one a month with The Elixir Clinic in Dubai, and they are fantastic for jetlag, not to mention help with anti-ageing and leave your skin with the most beautiful, luminous glow. 

However, my most powerful beauty ritual out of everything is to drink three litres of water every single day. Trust me, when your body is hydrated, absolutely everything looks better. 

If I were to form an equation for beauty, it would be a kind soul, discipline, strong habits, and the right products for your specific lifestyle. And having good friends who know really know their stuff never hurts either...

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Beauty buys I can't live without

1. Dior Hydra Life Foam Facial, Dhs155. 2. Dior Lip Sugar Scrub, Dhs155. 3. Beauty Blender, Dhs80. 4. Laura Mercier Transculent Loose Powder, Dhs165. 5. Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturiser, Dhs230.