Instagram Announces More Changes

BY Maddison Glendinning / Dec 7 2016 / 19:07 PM

They're set to help make the app a more positive place

Instagram Announces More Changes

Instagram has been on a roll this year, introducing several new functions to the app to improve usability and help foster a positive community vibe (as well as compete with rival Snapchat). 

Now, it has announced that a new series of changes to the comments and followers functions will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

With comments, you'll now be able to like individual comments posted by people on your photo/video, which is a relief as it saves saying thank you to a whole bunch of people in an extra long caption... 

Additionally, you'll also soon be able to switch the commenting function off on certain posts. If you decide you want to allowing commenting later down the line, you can switch it back on.

The third change is that that you can now remove followers from a private account without them being notified by simply by clicking the ellipsis symbol next to their names. 

 The aim of the changes is to help make the app a more positive place as it reduces the ability for trolls to take over a certain image with incesscant/mean comments, and gives greater control to the user about who can and can't see their page. We imagine the A-list will likely be employing the blocked comments function on the regular from now on...

The  updates mean the control is being handed back to the user, and they help to eliminate the negative sides of social media making it a more pleasant place for everyone to share.