Instagram Gives The Gift Of Holiday Emoji’s

BY Alexandra Venison / Dec 21 2016 / 14:41 PM

Have yourself a very social festive season with these new updates

Instagram Gives The Gift Of Holiday Emoji’s

Always striving to stay ahead in the social media game, Instagram the social networking giant is adding yet another host of features to its ever-changing platform. Truly staying ahead of competitors the new features are set to make the holiday season that little bit more convenient and festive as well.

With extra time on your hands, you can now celebrate by spending it customising your pictures and Instagram stories with stickers. Following a whole host of updates in recent weeks, this new part of version 10.3, also includes limited time online holiday themed content and the ability to film a video with a single tap instead of having to hold the button down now called ‘Hands-Free’. You can also now save your last 24 hours’ worth of Instagram stories in a single video file.  

The sticker’s button will be located next to the original text and drawing tools in the form of a smiley face. This button will also allow you to embellish your photos with the current time, your location and even the weather just like Snapchat and other similar competitors. Although there have been reports that the new features aren’t available to everyone yet, they will be rolling out soon.