Instagram Secretly Introduced Its New Algorithm This Weekend

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 15 2016 / 16:41 PM

Have you noticed your feed looking a little different?

Instagram Secretly Introduced Its New Algorithm This Weekend

Twitter users have been in uproar ever since Instagram launched the redesign of its classic analogue camera icon late last week. They have been making fun of it, comparing its new rainbow-gradient icon to PowerPoint presentations but overall, the icon makeover, and its new black-and-white app design, has been well received, with most critiques being in jest.

It was all fun and games until users started to notice another major change, the one everyone's been dreading ever since Instagram announced it: the new algorithm that will order images in your feed by "importance", instead of in chronological order.

It would appear that the app launched the algorithm while everyone was distracted by its new look. Now that the reactions to the icon change have died down, people have taken to Twitter to complain about the state of their Instagram feeds.

But it seems we don't have to panic yet, as a rep for Instagram told Seventeen - "We are still just testing algorithmic feed, and haven't yet rolled it out broadly."

We're hoping for an "opt out" option when and if it does launch. Watch this space.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK