Introducing The Habtoor Family

BY Olivia Phillips / Dec 10 2019 / 12:37 PM

Together with Piaget, BAZAAR captures the pure love and admiration afforded by the Habtoor siblings

Introducing The Habtoor Family
Eva Kruiper

Mohammed wears: Watch, POA, Piaget. Noora wears: Necklace, Dhs73,500; Watch, Dhs311,000; Ring, Dhs11,000, all Piaget. Abaya, Dhs3,350, Bouguessa. Amna wears: Necklace, Dhs63,500; (RH) Bracelet, POA; Ring, Dhs66,500; (LH) Ring, Dhs102,000; Watch, Dhs150,000, all Piaget. Abaya, Dhs3,300, Slouchyz. Shamsa wears: Necklace, Dhs49,900; Necklace, Dhs26,600; (RH) Bracelet, Dhs42,000; Bracelet, Dhs21,300 (two pieces); Ring, Dhs48,800; (LH) Watch, POA; Ring, Dhs68,500, all Piaget. Abaya, Dhs2,750, Chi-Ka. Meerah wears: Necklace, Dhs46,700; Necklace, Dhs47,600; (RH) Bracelet, Dhs48,300; Bracelet, Dhs20,600; Bracelet, Dhs40,500; Ring, Dhs11,000; Ring, Dhs10,600; (LH) Watch, Dhs140,700, all Piaget. Abaya, Dhs1,300, Volant Fa. Ahmed wears: Bracelet, Dhs8,000; Altiplano Watch, Dhs115,000, both Piaget

Shot together for the very first time, the Habtoor siblings invite us in to their home and their hearts to discuss heritage, dynasty, and their exceptional bond.

Watch as we shine a light on the family's individual passions...

From the December 2019 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Arabia

Photography by Eva Kruiper
Styling by Anna Castan
Words by Olivia Phillips

Hair and Make-up: Sharon Drugan. Videographer: Augusta Quaynor at MMG Artists. Digital Manager: Elizabeth Kelly Photography Assistant: Reymund Ronald Lozano at HotCold Studio. Fashion Assistants: Anna Smolenko, Joyce Gereige and Zach Nouri. Producer: Elle Hutchinson. Producer’s Assistant: Brian Timmer