Nike Celebrates Two Female Emirati Athletes

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 8 2017 / 21:29 PM

Paving the way in the world of sport within the Middle East

 Nike Celebrates Two Female Emirati Athletes
Zahra Lari The First Emirati Figure Skater

Sporting giant Nike understands that when it comes to getting us motivated, there’s nothing quite like showcasing the talents of some seriously inspiring women – especially when they are from the region. Zahra Lari the first Emirati figure skater and Amal Mourad the first Emirati parkour trainer are set to feature in two videos created by the brand which are set to introduce a pivotal women’s moment for Nike which will be launched in the Middle East later this month. Aiming to empower women when it comes to the world of sport, the films which are entitled Nike Women Presents take a look into the athletes lives and discovers the obstacles they face day to day.

Amal Mourad The First Emirati Parkour Trainer

Lari who was born and raised in the UAE is looking to become the first figure skater to compete in the winter Olympics. Although she evidently lives in a desert this doesn’t stop her from striving to become a professional competing ice skater. However, it isn’t as simple as strapping on a pair of ice skates with prejudice facing her at every corner. “We’re from a desert country, so no one understood that it was a real sport. People had this misconception that it was dancing. I mean, when we land a triple jump, eight times our body weight is on one leg that is balanced on a four-millimetre metal blade” says Lari.

See Zahra Lari’s video below:

Mourad quite literally overcomes obstacles both physically and emotionally. She explains, “I wasn’t a popular kid, and I had anxiety. Most girls would think of excuses to miss PE class, and I couldn’t wait to get out there and run around.  As I got older, parkour helped me discover who I am as an individual and helped me realise that I’m a strong woman and have so much I can offer the world.” In a largely male-dominated world she has also had to face trying to achieve acceptance from her peers, which has only further enforced her desire to help other girls overcome their fears. “I want to give little girls a different kind of role model. I wish for them to have someone who looks towards a healthier lifestyle, someone who tells them not to hold back, to be who you are, to find ways to overcome the fear of falling and to do what you love” Mourad finishes.

See Amal Mourad’s video below: