#Goals: Team Bazaar's New Year's Resolutions

BY HARPER'S BAZAAR ARABIA / Jan 4 2016 / 04:00 AM

Here are our 2016 goals. What are yours?

#Goals: Team Bazaar's New Year's Resolutions
Sean Cunningham

It's that time of year again, when the vast majority of us come up with one or two (or more!) things we'd like to change/work towards/achieve in the new year ahead. Team Bazaar decided that that in noting them down, we'd be more likely to stick them out. 

Lisa Rokny, Publishing Director:

"I have a few this year: Looking after my body more (through both what goes in and exercise), filtering negative people out of my life and space, helping strangers – be it through charity, food, clothes or even life advice, to stop looking for perfection and see the beauty in imperfections, to learn something new every week, whether it be a new dish, an instrument or a subject, and last but certainly not least, to sleep without my phone in my bedroom."

Louise Nichol, Editor in Chief:

"I am going to try and confine emails to working hours in a bid to be more present around my children at home. The plan is that weekends will be sacred family time in 2016!"

Emily Baxter, Deputy Editor:

"Amidst all the usual annual promises of being healthier, fitter and more adventurous, one resolution sticks fast each year, which is to be a ‘better person’. This goes far beyond eating right and exercising, it’s more about my soul and what kind of person I want to be. If I can be a little kinder and gentler, more loving and giving each year, then I know they will have been 365 days well spent." 

Katie Trotter, Fashion & Beauty Director

Resolutions tend to go like this: write a list of every little thing in your life you neglect, then slowly and painfully fail to change it. We aim BIG of course. This will be the year we donate ourselves to charity or proudly make our way through Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. We vow to train for a marathon (and win it), perhaps teach ourselves a third language in the small hours of the night we have left. Of course, unless we are superheroes this only cements feelings of inadequacy. Life is tough enough. Let’s try and enjoy 2016. 

Rebecca Anne Proctor, Editor-in-Chief Harper's Bazaar Art

"My goal this year is to keep things simple and balanced. I want to be more present in whatever I am doing and not worry so much about the past or the future. I want to live in the Now. Every single second is precious so let’s celebrate 2016 and just let life flow."

Acacia Stichter, Creative Director:

"Last year I got a French bulldog named Henry, and in doing so, became a bit of a hermit. OK, a lot of a hermit. So this year, my resolution is to be more social. I am going to make a big effort to balance puppy time and human time. And if I can combine the two, even better."

Elle Timms, Digital Editor:

"Stop over-analysing, start more exercising, read more. Be a warrior not a worrier etc. And cut out sugar." 

Maddison Glendinning, Features Writer: 

"Being totally slightly obsessed with the VS Angels and their out-of-this-world bodies, this year I'm going to give ballet classes a try in the hope I'll end up with limbs like Candice Swanepoel. Having never done a class before and possessing the foot-eye coordination of a newborn deer, it should be interesting... Now, where's my tutu?" 

Sima Maalouf, Fashion & Beauty Assistant

There are four things that I’d like to try and achieve this year. The first is to be more active and try different kinds of sports to find something I am passionate about. Secondly, I need to eat healthily and cut down on chocolate (though I’m not sure this will last long…). I’d also like to start practicing again as I’m getting rusty. Finally, I’d like to be more informed about what is happening in the world.