The Best Time To Send Work Emails Is Revealed

BY Maddison Glendinning / Nov 21 2016 / 17:40 PM

And it's not when you might think

The Best Time To Send Work Emails Is Revealed

For most of us, work emails are a constant part of our everyday lives and they typically start from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed again later that evening. If you're anything like Team Bazaar, you'll fire off responses throughout the day to avoid any major backlog come 6pm however it turns out that replying before 1pm could actually be a mistake. 

Grammarly, which as its name suggests is a free program that monitors spelling and grammar, conducted a survey of emails it had proofed and found that sending emails between 1-5pm resulted in fewer mistakes than in the hours prior or after. 

According to the site, emails sent outside of the four-hour window are likely to have between 11.8 and 14.3 errors per 100 words, compared with just 3.7 when sent between 1-5pm. 

Given that leaves plenty of time for the morning coffee(s) to kick in, we'd say that sounds about right.