My List | 24 Hours With Caroline Scheufele

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 7 2017 / 16:45 PM

Co-president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele reveals her day

My List | 24 Hours With Caroline Scheufele

7.30 A.M I am a fast sleeper. Fast and short. I travel so much for work that I always tend to go to bed really late because there are a lot of events on in the evenings and dinners on the calendar for Chopard. Our clients like to go out, and they like to be entertained, so I consider myself a night person. Even if I go to sleep late, I often have to be an early riser but it’s not my favourite thing to get up early. When I first wake up at home in Geneva, I drink a bottle of room temperature Evian water with two squeezed lemons inside. The second thing I do is switch on my iPhone and I check any messages that need my urgent attention. There is always something that went on around the globe while I was sleeping and somebody that has to have an answer – I am always the person who likes to give answers.   

8.00 A.M Then it’s time to put on my music, often I put the iPod on loud speaker and turn it up on full blast if nobody is home. My favourites are Elton John, James Blunt or Rihanna. I’ll switch on the news while I brush my teeth, just to see what’s going on, but then I usually switch it off again because it’s always bad news. I get ready very quickly and I never have breakfast – I hate breakfast. Sometimes I grab a fresh grapefruit juice and two espressos. I used to do exercise in the morning but now I just don’t have the time. I’m basically ready in 20 minutes. I sometimes spend time walking the dogs, I have 10 in my house and during the day they go in two shifts for walks with the gardener.

Caroline's Hometown Of Geneva

8.30 A.M My beauty routine is relatively simple. When it comes to showering I love Molton Brown’s citrusy products. For my face, I use Shiseido cleanser and for a quick on-the-go cleanse I use Clearasil make-up pads. La Mer is my go-to moisturiser, I use the one for morning, otherwise your make-up gets really sticky. I don’t put on foundation, just some Guerlain powder. I have facials sporadically. When I am in Dubai, I love the Four Seasons spa in Jumeirah. I like to get a good massage and get my nails done. When I am in Geneva I have beauty technicians come to my home because I don’t have time to go to the salon – I will get my hair done, which lasts for three to four days, and I’ll get a manicure. When it comes to getting dressed for the day ahead, my outfit depends on whether there is an event on that I have to go to – I always start with the jewellery first. Outfits should complement accessories, not kill the jewellery. I travel so much and I pack very quickly, there is always a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, a white T-shirt and a little black dress. I like packing Hervé Léger and Azzedine Alaïa because it doesn’t wrinkle so you can just take it out of the suitcase – you can dress the pieces up or dress them down and wear them with boots or heels and a leather jacket. I would say that I'm practical when it comes to dressing  –  my favourite actress is Audrey Hepburn – she is my style icon. I collect shoes, which is funny because I have such small feet (size 34) and I have the worst time finding shoes. When I find a pair of shoes I like, I’ll buy them in another colour.     

Four Season Jumeirah Spa

9.00 A.M I carry a classic Bottega Veneta bag to work, which my brother gave me – it has been everywhere with me – I think I’ll use it until it breaks. I drive myself to work either in a Range Rover or a Bentley depending on the weather. I like to turn the music up in the morning for my 25-minute journey to the office.

9.30 A.M  I share an office with my brother – we have been together forever so it’s a very messy space. Normally everything arrives at my assistant’s office so I go there first, then I go to the designers and then the atelier on the floor above to see what they are working on. Then it’s time to get down to the paperwork and interviews or I see clients if they come to Geneva. I try to spend a lot of time with the teams because I think communicating with people is very important rather than just sending emails. It’s important to work as a team because you can’t do everything on your own – I’m not a dictator. I think I am always pretty much in a good mood and I hate when people bring their bad mood to the office, they should just stay at home!

Happy Diamonds Joaillerie Watch, Dhs178,141, Chopard

12.30 P.M When I am in Geneva I always have salad for lunch – we have a very good cafeteria the food is really fresh and there are lots of choices. My family are there at the office, so I eat with my parents often and my brother. If I’m eating out I love La Petite Maison restaurant – they have one in London and the one in Dubai is very good. My favourite dish on the menu is the lentil salad and the eggs with truffle. By nature I like things that are simple and clean – but I love spicy food such as curries with red peppers.

2.00 P.M On a day-to-day basis I really like the creation side of my job and following the whole process of new pieces being born and of course the gems themselves always inspire me. The least enjoyable part of my job is the paperwork – I hate paperwork and it seems emails follow you all over the planet these days.

7.30 P.M When I am in Geneva, I leave the office around 7.30pm and if I am in the mood, I do Pilates and then I have a shower and dinner, but if I have guests I go home earlier. I like to have guests at my house, because I spend so little time there that when I am home, I like to stay home. I cook for myself on weekends, but if I have visitors then it’s often my dishes that are served but these are created by staff in the house, who cook very well. On average up to four nights a week are dedicated to social events for Chopard. I like to dress up and wear designer gowns by Elie Saab, Ralph & Russo and I also like Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren. I do love jewellery and I have some iconic pieces. My Happy Diamonds Clown is a favourite, it was a milestone and changed the world of Chopard, because before that we had no jewellery. I designed it when I was 16. I love the Happy Hearts bangles, because you can wear one, two or three and you can mix them with different things. I have a cherished piece of jewellery that I can’t live without – it’s for the evenings. It’s a diamond sautoir (long necklace), with diamond beads which I can use in so many different ways  – I can wear it as a bracelet and even wear it as a belt. In the evenings I like clutches and I have a beautiful one from a friend of mine, by Saint Laurent.

Ralph Lauren, Elie Saab And Bottega Veneta S/S17

10.00 P.M If I’m at home I relax by watching television – now there is Netflix, which is great, but I can get stuck and then suddenly find it’s 4am in the morning and I have to be up early. I love the Downtown Abbey series. I don’t like horror or movies that end and make you feel bad.

12.00 A.M I hardly ever go to bed before midnight – I call friends that I haven’t spoken to in some time, I read, I watch a movie, I take care of my doggies – I seem to do a lot of things at night. I even clear out my cupboards and fridge. I do all this with music playing, a glass of my favourite wine and I always like being barefoot at home. I have a sketchbook beside my bed in case ideas come to me during the night. There is also usually a book and candles on my bedside table. At the moment I am reading a book on dreams, which is fascinating.

1.00 A.M I never really go immediately to sleep, I doodle around on the iPhone, check any messages and then it’s time to switch everything off and sleep. I like to sleep in total darkness – when I see sunlight or light, I cannot fall asleep, so I make sure it’s pitch black. I don’t like to sleep in slippery sheets. The best bed sheets are real linen with texture and I like to be surrounded by soft cushions.

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