My List | 24 Hours With Sophia Webster

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jan 16 2017 / 16:34 PM

The British shoe designer speaks family, her designs and Snapchat

My List | 24 Hours With Sophia Webster
British shoe designer Sophia Webster in her Mount Street store in London

7:00 A.M. I would say I am an early waker rather than an early riser. I wake up quite early, but then I have a habit of checking my phone and getting lost in the world of Instagram – it’s my digital breakfast, if you will. If I had to guess, I probably spend about an hour exploring Instagram and the internet to see what’s new before I’m even out of bed.

8:00 A.M. Once I’m up, I have breakfast together with my two-year-old daughter Bibi Blossom and husband Bobby. These days it’s avocado on rye, which is delicious and healthy. I then get my little girl ready for the day – I spend two days each week working from home so that I can be with Bibi and really soak up that time with her. When I need to be in the office, Bibi either goes to nursery, or our nanny comes to mind her. I usually have about 10 minutes to shower and get myself ready before I have to leave for work. I use Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, and Dr Hauschka Hydrating Mask, which makes my skin feel amazing. St Tropez One Hour Tan is my go-to for some much needed colour – it’s a classic product that never fails. For make-up, I love using Nars highlighter, and Be Legendary lipstick in Fuchsia Flash by Smashbox is the perfect pop of colour for my lips. Day to day I tend to dress quite casual and comfortable, although I wear a lot of colour and patterns – usually a T-shirt and jeans with a pair of my Riko sneakers, or Jessie mules. When I’m going somewhere special I do like to dress up; Mary Katrantzou, House of Holland, Markus Lupfer and Vivetta are a few of my go-to brands, and I will always wear a great pair of heels. I think shoes are so powerful in their ability to give a woman confidence. They improve your posture and the way you hold yourself, enhancing all the best parts of you.

Sophia with her husband Bobby, and two-year-old daughter Bibi Blossom

8:30 A.M. My husband and I drive to the office together and pick up a coffee from Taylor St. Baristas on the way in, they’re just across the street from our new office in London’s Shoreditch and their coffee is the best. Bobby is also the CEO of the business, so I spend all day with him. We love what we do and I am lucky that family time and work often overlap. Our business is our extended family. Our team has grown a lot, we have almost 40 people at SWHQ now – when I started there were only three of us. I think our office is a fun environment to work in, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I have a team that love what they do, have a very dedicated work ethic and good energy, which is really important to me. Our office is really collaborative, which is also crucial to being successful. We really lean on one another and welcome each other’s ideas. We’re also big on celebrations – be it a birthday or exciting business announcement, there is no shortage of cake or bubbles.

2:00 P.M. My favourite lunch at the moment is the Massaman chicken curry from Grab Thai near our office. I also love the green Thai chicken curry – it’s delicious. I try to eat healthily and I have recently become dairy free, however I won’t deny myself a biscuit with my tea, or a piece of birthday cake. It’s all about balance.

Sophia’s sketch of her iconic Chiara butterfly heels

3:00 P.M. Throughout the week I use the afternoon to have meetings with each department. I like to be involved in everything and give my feedback, so having that face time with each team is really important. We just moved to a new and much bigger office, it’s a really amazing space, very bright and open, and I finally have my own office with a door I can close when I need to zone out and focus on designing. I tend to have more in-person meetings than business calls as I find it a lot more effective. I Snapchat whenever and wherever I can, it’s definitely my favourite social media platform, and is important for my brand. It’s how we let our audience really step into our world and see how we work, where we work, and be a part of all of our antics – we have a great time here in the office. We also have a digital team that Snapchats daily content, including weekly segments featuring members of our team in the office.

A preview sketch of the Effie platform shoes for S/S17

4:30 P.M. I love dancing and try to fit in two classes during the week at Shoreditch House or Frame Studios. It’s how I really unwind and let loose, and it helps me then focus on my work because I feel re-energised.

7:00 P.M. In the evenings, I try to be home at a reasonable hour, at least in time to have dinner with Bobby and Bibi. During the week, I cook easy things like spaghetti bolognese, but I make a fantastic Sunday roast on the weekends, if I do say so myself. 

9:00 P.M. Once Bobby and I get home from work we like to spend as much time with Bibi as possible, so she’s usually in bed around 9pm, which is quite late. Once she’s asleep, I can unwind. I’m a big fan of reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Cheshire and The Great British Bake Off. They’re silly, but I love them and find them really relaxing. A bit of mindless TV lets me disengage from work a bit. I also enjoy a good TV series, currently it’s Empire.

11:00 P.M. I sleep early, so I’m fresh for the next day.