5 Questions With Fashion Designer Anine Bing

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Sep 26 2017 / 16:12 PM

Traveling to LA? Read Anine's tips

5 Questions With Fashion Designer Anine Bing

Born in Denmark and raised in Sweden, model and designer Anine Bing has been ingrained in the fashion industry since age 15. Based in Los Angeles, Anine's successful fashion brand launched in 2012 and keeps in line with her rock bohemian style. Bazaar did a quick Q&A with Anine to find out how to pack for LA., what hot spots to visit and more. Read the full interview below:

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: How do you pack for Los Angeles?

Anine Bing: "LA style is so versatile, which is why I love it and why I always get so much inspiration from people on the street. Always pack the essentials: denim + tees, cute booties like my Charlie boots or a pair of worn Converse, and of course a leather jacket (my favourite is our Cropped Moto)!"

HBA: Where do you recommend people stay in Los Angeles? 

Anine Bing: "I love either the Ace Downtown or the Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood. The Ace feels a bit more edgy and cool, Petit Ermitage has a more classic LA feel and the rooftop is amazing for brunch in the garden or a day by the pool." 

HBA: What is your inspiration behind fragrance oil?

Anine Bing: "Growing up as a little girl in Scandinavia I would always run around my grandmother's rose garden and pretend to mix the rose petals with water, as if I was making my own little potions. I've always loved the scent, and yet I wanted to make it less traditional and more edgy so I added notes of pepper and spice." 

HBA: Where do you recommend people eat in Los Angeles?

Anine Bing: "Cafe Stella in Silverlake or Pace in Laurel Canyon for dinner, Joan's on Third for lunch or a coffee, and either Alcove in Los Feliz for a casual brunch or Chateau Marmont for a nicer breakfast in the garden." 

HBA: What are the best places to visit in Los Angeles? 

Anine Bing: "The Rosebowl Flea Market is a must, I've found some of my most treasured vintage pieces there - clothes, furniture, antiques. Bardonna or Alfred's in Silverlake are great for a coffee and both inspiring places for my team and I to go offsite and get creative. My kids love Griffith Park, which is great for a family outing. And of course the beach if the weather is nice, Malibu is my favourite."