Taylor Swift Teases New Song 'Ready For It'

BY Kyli Singh / Sep 3 2017 / 15:05 PM

And we can't stop listening to it

Taylor Swift Teases New Song 'Ready For It'

Surprise, Swiftie fans!

On Saturday during a Florida State vs. Alabama college football game, Grammy winner Taylor Swift teased a minute of her new song called "Ready For It." Listen to the catchy tune in the ESPN teaser below:

The song was also featured in a preview for ABC's fall season:

"Ready For It" is Swift's second single off her upcoming album "Reputation." The 27-year-old singer released the first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," on August 25.

As of now, we're not sure when the single "Ready For It" will be released. But we do know that "Reputation," Swift's sixth album, will be released on November 10. And we're more than ready for it!