This Travel Blogger Has Been Called Out For Posting Fake Photos

BY Amy de Klerk / Jul 19 2017 / 15:37 PM

Amelia Liana has been accused of superimposing herself against exotic backdrops

This Travel Blogger Has Been Called Out For Posting Fake Photos

Amelia Liana is an Instagram-famous travel blogger who posts pictures of her visiting some the most glamorous settings across the globe. However, a shot the British influencer recently posted of her travelling in New York has led to accusations that she superimposes herself against the beautiful backdrops.

The image in question was one of Liana supposedly taken from the Rockefeller Center in New York, overlooking the city's skyline. However, there was something very obvious missing from the view – the four-year old Freedom Tower. Eagle-eyed followers spotted that the prominent New York building was missing, which suggested that Liana had Photoshopped herself onto the view using an old picture.

The photo – which was originally posted back in May – was quickly deleted after fans started to notice the mistake this weekend. Despite removing the image, Liana has continued to deny what she did.

"I would never cheat [my fans] by putting myself in a picture where I wasn't at a natural location," Liana told The Times"I always remain faithful to my followers by taking my pictures in real locations."

However, experts confirmed to The Times that they believe she definitely Photoshopped herself onto an old picture of New York. Since then, that's not the only image to be gathering negative attention.

One photo posted of Liana enjoying a "dreamy trip to India" and posing in front of the Taj Mahal is also said to be fake, since it is missing the usual crowds and because her shadow stops at the water.

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Other fans have criticised a photo she posted of an unmelted ice cream from a well-known New York store. "How is this possible?" one follower commented. "That ice cream place is nowhere near where you 'took that pic'."

In another, if you look closely, she appears to be transparent as you can see the tree and cars in the background through her head.

Liana has since posted an article on her blog, entitled 'My Image Principles' in which she talks about how "all [her] imagery is actually shot at the time in the location" she specifies. However, it's safe to say that the internet is definitely not convinced.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK