Sadaf Got Some Beauty Tips From Kim K And Her Makeup Go-To Mario Dedivanivic

#Beauty, #Celebrity, Sadaf Beauty, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West Mario Dedivanovic
Including guest appearance from Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills

Middle Eastern beauty guru Sadaf was among the guests attending Laura Mercier's coveted beauty workshop in LA, appropriately called the Master Class. The class was led by celeb beauty specialist Mario Dedivanivic and the makeup model was none other than Kim Kardashian.

During the class, Anastasia Sore of Anastasia Beverley Hills (AKA the queen of brows) took the stage for the very first time to demonstrate her signature brow techniques on Kim K. Despite being a beauty expert in her own right, Sadaf certainly picked up a thing or two from these beauty big-timers.

Sadaf took to Instagram to post a snap of her meeting the beauty industry's major names, including Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanivic, and Anastasia. In the caption she gave Laura Mercier a shout out for her invite to the Master Class. Jealous doesn't *BEGIN* to cover it.

After the class Sadaf gave us a sneak peek into the massive goodie bag, walking us through each product that was gifted.

Now all we can think about is how badly we need a Sadaf x Kim K collab.


Press play to find out Sadaf's best beauty looks of all time.


#Beauty, #Celebrity, Sadaf Beauty, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West Mario Dedivanovic