Kim Kardashian West Is Suing A Website Over Its Reporting On Her Paris Robbery

BY Maddison Glendinning / Oct 13 2016 / 13:40 PM
Kim Kardashian West Is Suing A Website Over Its Reporting On Her Paris Robbery
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It's been over a week since Kim Kardashian West was ambushed in a Paris apartment during Paris Fashion Week by five masked men and robbed of over Dhs40 million worth of jewellery after being zip tied and thrown into a marble bathtub. In the wake of the robbery Kim has cancelled all public appearances (including her trip to Dubai), the family has suspended filming of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloé told Ellen Degeneres just this week that her older sister was "not doing so well." 
There's been multiple reports around the ordeal, and Kim has reportedly sued for claiming that she faked the robbery. According to TMZ, the lawsuit highlights three stories the site wrote about the robbery, each of which suggested it was deliberately orchestrated by the reality star and her mother, that she "let the robbers in" and that they used "random people off social media" as their sources. All three articles have since been removed though the site is still yet to make any comment.
Earlier this week, a tape also surfaced on RadarOnline of footage from within Kim's apartment reportedly after the robbery taken place. Radar also raised questions about the authenticity of the event, adding captions to the footage that pointed to undamaged doors, Kim's personal assistant Steph Shep sitting idly on a lounge and Kim facetiming someone as the police began their investigation. Radar point to Kim's behaviour as being suspicious given that she had just been robbed. The video has been removed but the article is still live. 
Kim is still yet to make any comment on the robbery, and her social media accounts have not been updated since it took place.