George and Amal Clooney Want To Have You Over For Dinner

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 23 2016 / 14:40 PM

Unfortunately, George won't be donning an apron though...

George and Amal Clooney Want To Have You Over For Dinner

If your good friends Hillary Clinton and The Clooneys have been too busy to hangout with you lately, good news: they're making up for lost time by inviting you to a totally casual dinner at The Clooneys. George and Amal are throwing the Democratic Presidential candidate a special fundraising dinner at their Los Angeles home in April, with tickets available to the public for a mere Dhs122,675 (we're guessing there are a lot of courses involved here). 

In a new email sent to Clinton supporters, George Clooney backed Clinton as his choice for the Democratic nominee writing, "In all of this clutter, there's been one consistent voice — a voice of tolerance and experience from a candidate who's spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of the less fortunate. A candidate who knows firsthand the complexity of our international relationships. That candidate is Hillary Clinton." 

Sadly, Clooney revealed that he won't personally be the one cooking dinner for the occasion, but hey, maybe next time he has you over. 

Via Harper's Bazaar US