Halima Aden Has A Powerful Message About Wearing A Hijab

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 20 2019 / 16:18 PM

She says her hijab is “not going anywhere”

Halima Aden Has A Powerful Message About Wearing A Hijab

Halima Aden has long been a pinnacle of modest fashion and continues to pave the way in the industry for other hijabi models, but today the 22-year-old left a powerful message on Instagram calling out haters.

“My hijab is not going anywhere.. not today, not tomorrow, not evaa,” she wrote. “The road has been long & very painful at times but also so incredibly rewarding. I’m not asking you to stop the criticism or double standard. I’m just asking you to see me as a human being. It’s easy to pass judgement when you’ve never walked a mile in someone’s shoes.”

Earlier this year, the Somalian model made history by becoming the first Muslim woman to wear a hijab and burkini on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. She also added "fashion designer" to her multifaceted CV when she collaborated with Turkish modestwear e-platform Modanisa to release a collection of headscarves. And lest we forget about when she sat down with BAZAAR to talk about being the face of Max Mara.

Keep blazing that trail, Halima.