Has Meghan Markle Acquired A British Accent?

BY Danielle Fowler / Jul 8 2018 / 15:27 PM

The Internet is divided over a video of the 36-year-old greeting members of the public

Has Meghan Markle Acquired A British Accent?

The Internet is divided over recent footage which appears to show the Duchess of Sussex speaking in a British accent.

A video taken at Meghan Markle's debut solo outing with Queen Elizabeth II in Cheshire on 14 June, has left royal fans questioning whether or not she is beginning to lose her American twang.

In the now-viral clip, the 36-year-old is seen greeting the public and can be heard discussing the weather - an undeniably British trait - in what some have pinpointed as the Queen's English.

Speech and dialect coach, John Fleming, confirmed to The Guardian: "You can hear some sounds changing, yes. Some examples can be heard in her R sounds at the end of syllables."

He continued, "In recent clips, those Rs are lighter than the typical general American accent. She is also using the British English vowel normally heard in the word 'thought' in the phrase 'We all had a nice day', in the word 'all.'"

In response to the video, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the former actress's alleged change in accent.

While others were quick to defend the California-born duchess, as one fan tweeted: "I stand with Meghan Markle and support her right to choose whatever accent she wants to speak in."

And as some social media users emphasised, royal etiquette training and Markle's acting background may be responsible for her newfound British lilt.

The Duchess of Sussex now resides in the UK full-time and lives with husband Prince Harry in Nottingham Cottage, which sits pretty in the Kensington Palace grounds.

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