Hollywood Icon Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies At 99

BY Alexandra Venison / Dec 19 2016 / 13:29 PM

“I don't remember anybody's name. How do you think the 'dahling' thing got started?” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Hollywood Icon Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies At 99

The original It Girl Zsa Zsa Gabor has died at 99. The infamous Hungarian actress and socialite sadly passed away on Sunday in Los Angeles TMZ reports. Her husband Frederic von Anhalt has said she died of a heart attack, following a string of ill health in recent years.  

Zsa Zsa Gabor Outside The Phil Donahue Show in 1989

Leading the way for some of Hollywood’s royalty of today, like the Kardashians and being the great-aunt of Paris Hilton, Gabor was the first of her kind – famous for being famous. Gabor started her career in the 1940s as a beauty queen, followed by marrying a wealthy millionaire, to then starring in a few minor television and film appearances. In fact she became quite well known for her marriages to millionaires - there were nine in total, more so than her various acting roles. However, it was her tongue in cheek nature and her world famous quotes that really charmed the world. 

She was famed for her ostentatious lifestyle, flaunting her diamonds and fur about and calling people darling. Speaking about one of her TV roles in 1956 she joked, "I play a fabulously rich woman who has just bought her fifth husband; she is very unhappy. I won't tell you who it's supposed to be." She wrote her own book too entitled How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man and created an exercise video called, It's Simple Darling