Kate Hudson Joins Michael Kors For His Glamour Games

BY Alexandra Venison / Jan 12 2017 / 21:01 PM

Find out who won the competition based on the duo's favourite things

Kate Hudson Joins Michael Kors For His Glamour Games
Image courtesy of Michael Kors

Joining friend and fashion designer Michael Kors, Hollywood starlet Kate Hudson appears in the third instalment of Glamour Games. Already having featured Lily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid, the hilarious video series sees the girls play against Kors in a range of different competitions.

For round three Hudson gets involved in a three-part game, focusing in on the category of favourites. Starting with Kors sharing his favourites, Hudson had to pick a card and he had to act out the answer without saying the exact words. Of course with Hudson known for her famed acting roles including comedies, rom-coms and dramas, when the role was reversed viewers got a glimpse of the bubbly blondes impromptu with hilarious results.

With the pair known for their close friendship having collaborated on the charity campaign Watch Hunger Stop, it was an entertaining bonding experience for them both. Viewers also got more of an insight into what the pair loves including Hudson’s favourite rapper and Kors’ favourite Sex and the City character.

Fun and games aside, this was a welcome break for them both with Michael Kors busy promoting his Spring 2017 Resort collection and Kate Hudson getting set to star alongside Chadwick Boseman for her upcoming role in Marshall.

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