Kate Moss' 13-Year-Old Daughter Interviews Gigi Hadid For Dazed

BY Maddison Glendinning / Sep 13 2016 / 21:40 PM

Because, you know

Kate Moss' 13-Year-Old Daughter Interviews Gigi Hadid For Dazed

In today's episode of feeling supremely underaccomplished compared to Hollywood offspring, we bring you the news that legendary supermodel Kate Moss' 13-year-old daughter Lila Moss Hack and her best friend, Stella Jones, have interviewed Gigi Hadid to celebrate Dazed & Confused magazine's 25 year anniversary. 
The miniature duo are reportedly some of Gigi's biggest fans, and interviewed her on a range of topics including body confidence. Gigi told the girls, "I think that more than teaching what body types are correct, it's important to teach that we are putting models out there who are confident in their bodies. I think that's where we should start: teaching models to put out a body image that they are happy and comfortable with, so that girls who relate to them know it's coming from a good place." 
Gigi is one of nine cover stars for the magazine's big anniversary, and there's an 18-page shoot that accompanies the cover, all of which was shot by iconic photographer Rankin and styled by Katie Grand. On the combination of new super Gigi and rising talent Lila - who has already appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia - Katie said, "When I met with Jefferson [Hack, Dazed's editorial director and publisher] to discuss who we were going to shoot he said what a fan his daughter Lila is of Gigi Hadid. It became obvious we should shoot her and so I asked if Lila would interview her, bringing the story full circle and on to a new generation." 
Katie and Rankin also paired up on an accompanying video (in which Gigi glamorously destroys the magazine's current headquarters ahead of their move to a new base in the coming weeks) which you can watch below:
There's no word yet on who the other eight cover stars will be, but if Gigi's is anything to go by, we're certain they will be worth the wait.