Kim Kardashian West Cancels Her Dubai Appearance

BY Maddison Glendinning / Oct 6 2016 / 21:29 PM

In light of the events in Paris this week

Kim Kardashian West Cancels Her Dubai Appearance
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Kim Kardashian West has cancelled her appearance at best friend and long-time make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic's Dubai Make-Up Masterclass which was scheduled to happen next week.

Following the terrifying robbery the reality TV star endured in Paris earlier this week, it's reported that Kim is going to take a month off from work.  

Mario posted a Notes image on Instagram with a caption that read, "Dear Dubai Masterclass Attendees, On behalf of myself and Kim Kardashian West, please accept our apologies. We are sorry to inform you that due to recent events, we will be rescheduling the Dubai Masterclass with Kim Kardashian West." 

The cancellation comes in the wake of new revelations about the robbery, including that they were reportedly caught on a "million to one" CCTV camera located in a nearby beauty salon, and that the robbers, dressed in police clothing, gained access to the building by telling the concierge (who they then handcuffed and forced to lead them to her room): "It's urgent - we must see Miss Kardashian." However, the French authorities are reportedly beginning to doubt the concierge's version of events, given that there have been several inconsistencies within his recounts, and that each apartment in the building has an armoured door that are locked from the inside. It's said that night staff would not have had the kind of access to the rooms in the building that the concierge has explained, raising suspicion of his role in the evening's events. 

TMZ reports that Kim is blaming herself for the robbery and that she has surrounded herself with extra security, including plain clothes officers as a result, vowing to scale back her flaunting of possessions on social media moving forward.