Kim Kardashian West Lost 100,000 Followers Over The Weekend

BY Maddison Glendinning / Apr 30 2017 / 13:49 PM

It seems her Mexican vacay had some unintended consequences for her social media following

Kim Kardashian West Lost 100,000 Followers Over The Weekend
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Last week, pictures emerged of Kim Kardashian West and sister Kourtney frolicking in Mexico for a couple of days with some of their closest friends to celebrate Kourtney's birthday. Paparazzi photos of the women showed them on the beach in minimal coverage bikini bottoms, which unwittingly put Kim's cellulite on display. 

Now, seeing as most women in the world have cellulite, this was a refreshing image to see, particularly given that it was in stark contrast to the heavily airbrushed photos the star normally posts on her social media. But it seems that some of the reality star's followers didn't take too kindly to the images, not because of her cellulite, but because she's hidden it for so long. 

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Many took to Twitter and Instagram to express their dismay at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for having so heavily edited her Instagram photos in the past, and as a result, a whopping 100,000 people stopped following her. 

There were also plenty of people who jumped to Kim's defence:

Whilst we totally get that people want to see their favourite celebrities looking as human as possible, we're also acutely aware that our Instagram selves are not always the 100% true versions either (ahem, FaceTune...) so we can only imagine the pressure on an A-list level. Plus, even after losing such a significant number, Kim still has 98.8 million followers to her name so we doubt she's all that worried about the (literal) backlash.