Rihanna Donates $2.1 Million To Support Domestic Violence Victims In Lockdown

BY Aisha Rauf / Apr 15 2020 / 15:00 PM

The donation will provide shelter for 90 people, throughout a 10 week period within Los Angeles shelters

Rihanna Donates $2.1 Million To Support Domestic Violence Victims In Lockdown

The Singer-turned-fashion-mogul Rihanna has teamed up with Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, to make a joint donation of $4.2 million (Dhs15.4 million) to the Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund, in order to create more space in shelters for domestic abuse victims.

Since Los Angele’s "safer-at-home" order was set into place March, there has been an increase in domestic violence across the city. One of the hidden tragedies of the lockdown is the uncontrollable rise in domestic violence across the world.

Rihanna and Jack's donation will provide 90 individuals with safe and secure housing, as well as financial support for a total of 10 weeks. Most domestic shelters in the city have reached maximum capacity and a minimum of 90 people are rejected per week due to lack of space.

Rihanna has built a reputation for her generous contributions to various causes including $2 million (approx. Dhs7.3 million) to support workers without documentation, children of front-line workers, elderly, incarcerated and homeless in Los Angeles and New York during the unprecedented pandemic. Additionally, she donated $5 million (approx. Dhs18.4 million) to local food banks within at-risk communities in the United States, and provides equipment for health care workers.

According to National Statistics, more than 10 million women and men are physically abused in the United States.

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