Rina Rankova

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 1 2017 / 21:11 PM

28, Bulgarian

Rina Rankova

Despite the digital revolution, Rina Rankova, an entrepreneur/interior designer, prefers the experience of shopping within a physical store. “I do shop online, however not often. I prefer to feel and touch the item before purchasing – after all, this is what I believe gives us the most pleasure when shopping. I need to try on what I am about to buy in order to see how it will make me feel wearing it.” She refers to herself as “a spontaneous buyer” – instead she opts to hit the stores when she’s feeling happy. “I make my best purchases then,” she says.

Rina describes her personal style as “versatile. I love to experiment with my outfits depending on the occasion and my current state of mind. My mood dictates what I decide to wear and I usually get ready within the blink of an eye.” Her beauty regime, however, is more regimented. “It’s important to always take care of your skin – after all, our skin is what we get to wear for life – by exfoliating, moisturising and nourishing it on a regular basis. I believe in organic products and I recently found the Manuka honey moisturiser from the Organic Pharmacy, which has done miracles to keep my face glowing.”

In addition to being the co-founder of a soon-to-launch luxury interior design and architecture firm, Rina is also an angel investor in two start-ups. “I always look for talent and fresh ideas to invest in. In 2016, I became an angel investor for Grabble, an innovative shopping app – clearly I can’t stay away from fashion – and Pip’s Island, which focuses on educational entertainment for children that helps them overcome social fears, which launched in New York in November.”

Having lived in Bulgaria, Greece, London and now Dubai, Rina has experienced many dress codes. “I was a lot more conservative in my choices when I was based in London. Since moving to Dubai two years ago, on one hand I have witnessed how culture plays a role in shaping fashion in this part of the world and I am more cautious of how I dress when attending business meetings for example.” However, her surroundings have encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and wear more flamboyant outfits. “One thing is certain: you can never be overdressed in the Middle East.”

photography: richard hall. styling: samah elmeri. words: maddison glendinning. hair & make-up: blowout & go. location: morah

Rina Rankova wears Valentino dress at Ounass.com. Sergio Rossi shoes, her own