Here's Everything You Need To Know About FOREO UFO's Game-Changing Face Mask Treatment

BY Caty Penza / Jul 30 2020 / 11:00 AM

With their out-of-this-world UFO Smart Mask Treatment, and new ‘Farm to Face’ masks collection, FOREO Sweden has got your next at-home spa needs covered...

Here's Everything You Need To Know About FOREO UFO's Game-Changing Face Mask Treatment

If it wasn't already, this device is definitely about to become 'Ur Future Obsession'!

The FOREO UFO has quickly become the world's first renowned 'Smart Mask' treatment (since its release in 2018), as it offers the most sought-after spa-like facial treatments in just 90 seconds by combining therapies such as cryo-therapy, thermo-therapy, LED light therapy and T-sonic pulsations (that can be controlled from your smartphone, using the FOREO FOR YOU mobile app).

UFO Smart Mask Device Range by FOREO Sweden

What distinguishes FOREO's UFO Smart Mask Treatment from an ordinary sheet mask is the fact that it has extremely effective product penetration into the skin due to its T-sonic pulsation technology, as well as generally takes less time, as the whole process is completed in just one and a half minutes.

So what exactly is the UFO offering? For starters, it's thermo-therapy properties allow for the pores to open in order to achieve maximal absorption - combined with its T-sonic pulsations, this allows for the active ingredients in the mask to deeply penetrate the skin. The cryo-therapy feature ensures to close the pores back up and lock in all of those active ingredients, while the LED light therapy offers photo-facials targeting anti-aging (red LED), brightening (green LED) and anti-acne (blue LED).

Pink UFO Smart Mask Device & Manuka Honey Mask from the Farm to Face Collection

What's more? The device works hand-in-hand with special UFO-activated sheet masks which, when placed inside the device, activate their own pre-set combination of treatments.

You can also get creative in the ways in which you use the UFO, as it is also suitable for not just the face, but also for the neck and upper chest areas. The benefits? The active ingredients of the masks, combined with the cryo-therapy and the UFO device pulsations will nourish the skin and make it look smoother and softer.

FOREO has just released their latest 'Farm to Face' UFO mask collection, which ranges all the way from a Bulgarian Rose mask, to a Green Tea mask or Coconut Oil mask, and finishes with a Manuka Honey mask or Acai Berry mask. 

Pink UFO Smart Mask Device & Bulgarian Rose Mask from the Farm to Face Collection

So why do we love it? The 'Farm to Face' collection uses internationally sourced ingredients to create their natural and plant-based masks, so to deliver a potent and nutrient-rich formula to resolve any pesky skin issue, leaving you feeling pampered as-can-be. 

The new Farm to Face collection is available at Sephora

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All images courtesy of FOREO

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