The Togetherness Issue: A Letter From Our Editor

BY Olivia Phillips / Apr 20 2020 / 19:40 PM

Bazaar editor in chief Olivia Phillips shares her thoughts on why now is the time for generosity and how the good vibes are still going strong

The Togetherness Issue: A Letter From Our Editor

It’s hard to believe that over a month ago I was merrily traversing the streets of Milan for Fashion Week. Among my biggest (read: pettiest) issues at the time: Do these heels go with this jacket? This Uber driver definitely doesn’t know where he’s going. Why didn’t I get my roots done before I left? I probably shouldn’t have eaten all that tiramisu.

And then... boom. There’s nothing quite like an unprecedented global maelstrom to thwart the spiral of tiny nonsense going on in your own head. And there’s no one who knows that better than the Italians right now, whose past month has been an inconceivable tragedy, and one that has offered the sharp- edged gift of perspective.

Being weeks behind them, we can – and should – take some lessons from our Italian friends, as well as inevitably learning some of our own, first-hand. What’s most important to remember is that there’s no right or wrong way to feel right now. There’s no pandemic playbook – but there are, thankfully, lots of memes. There’s humour (the gallows sort, but still). There’s unity. There’s innovation. There’s so, so much more courage than fear, and there’s empathy to a degree that will change us all on a fundamental level, forever. Finally we truly understand what it means to be one small part of a bigger whole. None of us are alone – in fact, quite the opposite. Never before has staying apart brought so many of us closer.

The sense of community we have felt – on both a global and a local level – has been incredible to witness. I’m proud to say that Bazaar has galvanized it, launching an Instagram miniseries where the women who inspire us the most offer their advice on navigating this new normal. Domestic Bliss will give you the highlights – and we promise, no competitive quarantining here, just positive vibes from women who want to pay it forward. They have put the self-care, self-improvement and self-reflection into self-isolation and their generosity of spirit is humbling.

And now really is the time for generosity. To be selfless, to band together, to support local businesses, but also, where we can, to spread optimism (it boosts immunity, or so I’ve heard...) Something our cover star, Lebanese entrepreneur Karen Wazen has been doubling down on since her family went into lockdown just days after our shoot. Her feelgood videos are what we all need right now, and in Cabin Fever on page 86, she tells me how her little-known Masters in Psychotherapy is helping her through this time – and how it could help you, too.

There are silver linings in every stormcloud, and despite all the uncertainty that lies ahead, I do know this: a darkness like this one can only make way for our brightest days yet.

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If these past few weeks have taught me anything (apart from how to use Zoom), it’s to appreciate the little things so much more – a great book, a bunch of flowers and a good old-fashioned Netflix binge. Tiger King, currently.

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