Awdhah Al-Moued Al Shammari

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 1 2017 / 22:16 PM

32, Kuwaiti

Awdhah Al-Moued Al Shammari

When we meet Awdhah Al-Moued Al-Shammari, the corporate communications manager for Kuwait Petroleum International, she’s wearing the most incredible fur coat. “My furs and chinchillas are some of my favourite items,” she tells Bazaar, alongside “a piece-of-art dress that I had made from Ashi Studio for my sister’s wedding. It cost almost Dhs73,500 and was one of the first gowns he created back then. He used his magic with the fabric and the design and I felt like I was heading to the red carpet.” 

Living in Kuwait has influenced her style immeasurably. “I’m from a country where girls dress to impress. Kuwaiti girls are very much into fashion and trends, they are so open-minded and artistic with such strong personalities. Basically everywhere you go in my country is stylish and edgy. You can’t underdress and go out in Kuwait.”

Despite her country’s statement approach to dressing, Awdhah learned that “less is more” when it comes to her own approach to fashion and has developed a greater understanding of her style as she’s gotten older. “To me it has come naturally, you get to know more with age and experience.” However, when it comes to her accessories, it’s the exact opposite. “I have a couple of Birkins and Kellys from Hermès that I’ve had for over 10 years. My ultimate weakness is shoes. I buy more than 10 new pairs a year, and sometimes I don’t even wear them but I’m just happy to see them in my closet,” she says with a laugh before asking, “Is that normal?”

There is one particular moment that Awdhah can pinpoint that helped shape her personal style and who she is today. “It was when I decided to wear the hijab but didn’t get scared of what or how I would maintain being fashionable. That was when I decided that as long as
I have the will, I will find a way, and I did.” That’s not to say that wearing the hijab has been without its sartorial difficulties. “The biggest challenge I face when getting dressed is how I present my hijab in a way I like and at the same time, suits hijab style. As a fashion addict who likes to dress up-to-date and with the trends, sometimes I can’t find clothes that suit hijab style unless I mix and match from a range of brands. It’s become much easier now, but it will always be fun to search and find new ways to style the hijab.”

Awdhah Al-Moued Alshammari wears Givenchy top and boots.Custom made fur jacket, all her own. Photography: Ting Chang. Styling: Gemma Deeks. Words: Maddison Glendinning. Make-up: Anosha make-up at anosha_makeup in collaboration with View.14 beauty lounge. Location: Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel and spa- Kuwait