Dina El Mofty

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 1 2017 / 22:22 PM

39, Egyptian

Dina El Mofty

“I love local designers or global brands that have a social impact,” Dina El Mofty tells Bazaar of her favourite labels. “Local designers in Egypt are phenomenal, like Amina K, Temraza and Okhtein, who are taking their home-grown brands global. I also like global fashion retailers that carry sustainable, eco-friendly brands. For example, ASOS stocks great brands that are very stylish and also ethically conscious, and someone like Stella McCartney is a leader when it comes to sustainable luxury fashion.” Dina’s style is “oftentimes very dependent on my mood and how I am feeling at the time” and she believes that it is a woman’s “attitude, character and personality that reflect her sense of style.”

The mother of two daughters, Talia, 12, and Kenzi, 11, as well as a son, Hassan, four, Dina says the girls are well on their way to being style icons in their own right. “They each already have such independent, strong personalities and unique styles – they don’t need much advice.” She says she’s incredibly proud of the people all three of her kids are growing up to be. “I’m proud of how my children are growing up to be such strong-willed, independent young people who are compassionate and caring for others.”

It seems as though Dina is having a positive influence on her children. In addition to being a mother, Dina is also the CEO of Injaz Egypt, which is a member nation of JA Worldwide, a non-government organisation working to educate and empower the world’s youths and reduce unemployment rates. “Our organisation works on empowering youths from a young age. We work on delivering global programs on entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy to students at public schools and universities,” Dina explains. “We help work with them on their values, their characters and mindsets. We want them to have drive, resilience, grit and perseverance. We want them to know they can dream big and overcome any challenge they are faced with.”

The company also aims to give children and teenagers on-the-job experience “to fill the skills gap that exists between graduates of the public school system and the working world.” Dina adds, “In collaboration with our partners from the private sector, we also work with young entrepreneurs to help them grow and scale their businesses. With the help of our phenomenal team and partners we’ve helped launch 60 start-up companies and have impacted half a million young people in Egypt, helping to create a generation of empowered young leaders who will be the changemakers of the future.”

Dina El Mofty wears dress by Zhivago and shoes, both her own. Photography: Louay Nassar. Styling: Samah Elmeri. Words: Maddison Glendinning. Location: Mena House Hotel- Cairo.