WATCH | Bizarre Beauty: Is It Possible To Stand In -140 Degrees For 3 Minutes?

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Sep 17 2019 / 09:47 AM

We stood head to toe in the most frigid temperatures imaginable in a Cryotherapy session at the Abu Dhabi Country Club followed by a Cryo facial – all in the name of beauty

In the spirit of bizarre beauty treatments, we've carried out a very left-field one this time which will literally make you jump out of your skin. If you haven't heard of Cryotherapy by now, where have you been? It's the coldest trend on the beauty scene right now. Cryotherapy exposes you to super frigid temperatures – in the ballpark of -140'c – which by the way, is 100'c less than what it is on Mount Everest – at the summit, I might add!

The cryotherapy treatment at the Abu Dhabi Country Club lasts up to three minutes and comes with a raft of benefits like increased energy levels and a faster metabolic rate along with elimination of water retention and boosting collagen production.

It's amazing how much the body can physically endure – you would instantly think you can't handle those temperatures for more than three seconds but with mental strength, it's possible. As for the feeling after the treatment? Well, you feel both galvanised and exhausted at the same time – probably because a three minute session like that can burn up to 400 calories. I felt tighter, firmer, hot, cold and generally whiplashed! If you want to push your body to the extreme, this will sort you out very nicely. 

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